A balanced spring break

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I've spent the week getting accustomed to the time change and I am watching the sun rise out my window. Spent the last hour and a half relaxing in bed. Used to, I would say that was lazy, now I am trying to change my mindset and accept when my body needs rest. 
What did we do this week? It was Serra's spring break so there has been a lot of sleeping in! We spent a day in Old Town taking care of errands for work and home. Games, puzzles and running about town on the hunt for overalls filled the rest of the time. We watched a couple of movies and have already blown our March Madness basketball brackets. Serra might be doing the best of the three of us as she still has Princeton on one of hers! She also chose winners based on the average heights of the teams.
It has been a good week and routine kicks in quick tomorrow with jazz rehearsal bright and early. The last quarter of the school year always feels like a snowball that starts at the top of a mountain and picks up a tremendous amount of speed as it rolls to the bottom. We need to be sure to stay on top of things and take breaks to breathe along the way.
Work was fairly quiet with web postings and photo shoot prep for this week. The girls were a big help with taking some items to storage for work as well. I finished up some tatting and knitting for the upcoming shoot. I love that I can use all of my skills and continue to learn new ones.
Crafts this week saw some time knitting and spinning. Serra's giant yellow robe is now onto the increase portion of the sleeves. She is still deciding about the hood, so it is good that I ordered too much yarn! Spinning saw the finish of the skein of Malabrigo nube that Little Lou was working on.
Four ounces of lovely Merino turned into a beautiful, bouncy two-ply skein.
I need to measure a piece on a balance to see how much yardage I have. No idea what it will become someday but I enjoyed the spinning. In the meantime, I have the support spindle Merino, the Turkish spindle Merino, and a Merino/silk blend on Rumple to finish up.
In terms of finishing, I read The Queen's Price by Anne Bishop. The book is the latest in a world I adore. When it was first announced I thought that it would be the end of time spent there however now I believe there will be more. What happens when you finish a book? You have to visit the bookstore of course!
A new lace stitch compendium, three that I have read before that are not in my collection, one I have been interested in for a while, and a recommended title that appeals to my science background. I also picked up Bonk by Mary Roach as she is another favored science author. Perhaps they will keep me out of trouble until Brent Weeks' new Kylar novel arrives.
As for me, it was good week that felt balanced. Good time spent in several different parts of life that all add to the whole. I let my brain get too involved one day on matters that only my heart can handle. Brain still feels a little feisty, but I have grown and am finding amusement in the repetition. There are always things to work on and some things that I wish were different; those things will come with time. The path is fairly smooth right now and I'll take it.
Next week! Rehearsals, a photo shoot, an issue release, and a movie to catch in the theatres. Breathe, smile, grow, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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