A bit of fun and taking a breath

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Beginning to think that I should have stayed up when I woke at 430 as I was more awake then than I am now. 
What's been happening this week? I've gotten started on a crochet project for Knitcrate. It should go fairly fast which is a good thing considering it's due at the end of the month. I will have two patterns out with them this fall.
The girls are the ones that wrecked my sleep schedule by talking me into going to the drive-in on Wednesday night but really who could pass up a double feature of The Empire Strikes Back and Spaceballs? Even though we didn't get home until 2 am it was good to get out and fun to people watch along with seeing a couple of favorites. 
As for crafting the spindle group on Facebook has been at it again.
walnut spindles
I'm a sucker for exotic woods and a maker down in Salida posted walnut crafted spindles in the group so I was bad and ordered some.
The project of the week has been the T-shirt quilt.
After we got the interfacing ironed on to all of the shirts I edged each of them in one of the colors and then it was time to create the layout. Doing this gave me a rough idea as how to fit all of them into a rectangular space. I've been cutting, sewing, ripping and crawling around on the floor most all week but the top is almost all together. I've been pushing to get the whole thing done before graduation next Friday but I think it's going to take a step back this week.
As for me this week started good and ended rough. I really wanted to have her project done and yesterday when I was pushing on it Amanda said "Why are you putting so much pressure on yourself when I won't really use it until December?" Guess my old habit of being too hard on myself came back a bit. I'm the only one that can push myself to be worthy of the future I want but also I can't kill myself trying to accomplish things to get there. The way to become worthy is simply by living and learning about myself.
What's on tap for the week? A bit of this and that along with a birthday, graduation and finally the opening of baseball. Take a deep breath and I'll see you next week :)

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