A change in the air

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The air in my little corner of the Fort is getting that fall chill and I love it. The leaves aren't ready to change their colors just yet but you can feel the difference in the air.
What did we do this past week? Serra and her adventures with her knee made it to a full week of school without any problems. There were a couple of evenings that she was a little sore from going too low in a squat to get down to her band locker but compared to what she was dealing with before it is much better. Hopefully life can get a bit more of a rhythm now.
Amanda is getting her stride on campus now and is excited for hockey season on both the college and NHL level. I guess that's what happens when you go to a Division I hockey school and your mascot is the Puckman.
As for crafts this week Rapunzel finished the cowl portion of her current warp that was started last week. I was hoping to have more completed for the Intersect Brewing event this coming Saturday but time at the looms has been short lately. Flynn will be there for everyone to see an 8 shaft in action! Most of my time this was with work at the SOAR retreat in Boulder. It is a spinning event filled with classes from amazing instructors. I spent time helping transport materials, setting up classrooms and meeting fiber people. During the quiet times I even did some spinning of my own.
This is yak/silk from Greenwood Fiberworks on one of my John Galen tahklis. No fiber event is complete without wearing one of your own creations so of course I wore the Redfish Dyeworks fine silk that I wove as part of the Fort Collins Masks fundraiser. It was noticed by none other than John Mullarkey one of the instructors of the retreat. He was wonderful to talk with during the happy hour and I look forward to hopefully being at more fiber events in the future.
As for me this week has felt like a breath of fresh air and being able to take it all in. Life is catching its stride and creating a rhythm and I've been able to flow with both the busy and the slow times. I had some time to rest, strip away all the artifice and reconnect with my inner core to center myself and feel again. It's taken time but life is growing and expanding and it feels right.
This week! SOAR wraps up on Tuesday and there's show on Saturday! Breathe deep, keep learning, feel, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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