A colorful week

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is bright and the air is crisp outside the door in my little corner of the Fort. It's also very quiet here as Serra stayed the night with friends. Actually, did rather well with the quiet this time. I guess it's a good thing my laundry didn't get done yesterday and I could turn on the washer for some noise! 
What did we do this week? It took Serra about an hour to make up the schoolwork from the three days that she was out. Probably a good thing considering she had a busy week with pep band for basketball, an extra weekly rehearsal for concert band and boxing class that she is loving. Tomorrow is her 16th birthday! She hasn't mentioned much in the way of gifts that she would like but we'll do something for it this week.
Amanda is glad to finally be out and about on campus. I knew that being able to have in person classes and see people again would help with the homesick. She has applied to a summer internship at Wake Forest and is getting information to apply to be a Learning Assistant during her Junior year.
Believe it or not I worked on crafts that were photo worthy this week! I did some dyeing of tatting thread.
There is a person on FB that creates amazing patterns and I wanted to do something different with the colors for two of them. I also needed to create a couple of colors for a commission.
I got Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat vibes while I was winding this one.
This will get threaded up on Susan this week. I was also accepted to The Art in the Park event this summer. It was a good show for me last year so it is time to get working on some new creations for it. August 13 and 14 for you locals!
Still loving the new job and hope I'm doing good. Sometimes the hour limit gets to me a bit and I don't feel like I'm doing enough but hopefully that is just the overachiever in me and my desire to make the position last for a very long time. 
As for me, the week like most any other had its ups and downs. It started off fantastic and was a bit rough on Friday which I think was simply frantic energy and feeling as though I hadn't done enough during the week. I do better with staying in the moment until that drive hits. Thankfully there is someone that reminds me to not miss the now by constantly looking ahead. It is easier to stay in the moment when I don't feel the sand in the hourglass shifting.
Next week! Weaving and brainstorming for new creations to come, a birthday to celebrate, and reminding myself to take things day by day. Breathe deeply, love intensely, savor being right here and I'll be back next week ;) 

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