A different kind of Sunday

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The day is already bright and sunny, and I am far too awake with it as well. Normally Sundays are my pajama day however I am already washed, dressed and primped to be at the Weave Together event later today. There are people to meet and greet, and looms to prepare.
What did we do this week? Amanda is still having a delightful time with one of her team members on the capstone project. Nothing says 'I don't care' like missing a meeting with the professor to discuss your lack of participation. If they were truly using this as a real world simulation, the kid would be fired. I guess we'll see what the professors decide to do about him. One week until spring break that will be spent getting some rest before the final push to the end of the year and of the bachelor's degree.
Serra had a solid week after a fun weekend. She was lucky it was a long one with as little sleep as she got with hanging out with a friend. Tutoring, jazz rehearsal and a band concert to prepare for the concert band regional competition in a couple of weeks. She has been down for the count sleeping most of yesterday to recover from her covid shot. She fought the tired yesterday almost as hard as I did with mine! I am hoping her go is back today to finish out the next two weeks before her spring break trip to France. 
Work saw several random tasks, editing on PieceWork, and a two-day photo shoot for Little Looms. This week will look similar with an article knit and write, web posts, another round of editing and another photo shoot. This time with Spin Off. My reward for a busy nine-day stretch? Dune 2 Saturday morning followed by pajamas the rest of the weekend.
Craft time was spent spinning and teaching. I chain plied the paco vicuna carding into a small skein. It needs a serious soak as it still has dirt and bits in it. I love their fiber almost as much as the animals love to roll in the dirt! One of my students is almost finished with her first sweater and already wanting to jump into another one. I might knit this next design along with her, there might be some yarn in a stash somewhere. Saturday was spent bringing three new knitters into the fold at The Loopy Ewe. I am very glad at how well classes are going there and plan to have a summer schedule figured out soon.
As for me, it's been a good week. I may not have my life completely together, but the pieces are starting to match up. There are always things I will be worrying about however I am also learning to let go as some things are simply out of my control. One thing this is my control is this little business that I would like to get going. Part of me says oh I need another job, no, what I need to do is start treating this like another job. Truly put the effort into it not only to feed my creative side but also to help on the money end. It will all get there and be what it is supposed to in the end. 
Next week! More routine, more life, and more fun. Breathe, flow, heal, Love, feel the currents, and I'll be back next week :)

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