A high energy week

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Running late today but with good reason. When all of you love Marvel and find that the latest movie is at the drive-in you go. It also didn't hurt that we were curious about the second feature and it was much better than expected. The fun parts of the drive-in? People watching and talking theories during the film. Crazy thing is I still got the same amount of sleep and managed to be partially awake to watch the rainbows chase across my room.
What did we do this week? Serra had a busy one. Four extra rehearsals to prepare for two concerts. One of the best things this pair of directors has done is to treat both groups of kids equally. On concert band night both groups played the same amount of music and praise was piled high for the effort put in along with recognizing the achievements of the year. Jazz night was just plain fun. Leaving the house lights up, interacting with the soloists and directors along with their appreciation for the kids. Jazz is extracurricular and takes extra effort to be there in the early mornings because it is something they all love. It is amazing to see and that joy came out all evening. Only six days of classes remain and it is off to her Junior year.
By contrast Amanda has had a quiet week. I guess that is what happens when you get your wisdom teeth pulled. Thankfully the procedure itself went very well and she has not had any issues this week beyond wanting solid food. This morning will be pancakes which she is excited about as it is not mashed potatoes. She has pulled me into hockey with watching the Stanley Cup playoffs and is greatly annoyed that Tampa is still in the running.
I would share photos of crafts this week however I did not get any taken. Two of my seven spindles have been plied off and I am working on new knit samples for The Loopy Ewe. The class schedule is getting finalized and will be available for the summer soon. Art in the Park this summer is also rapidly approaching so more time in the studio is needed to prepare. 
As for me it was a busy week. Photo shoot and work, being proud of Serra and the year she has had, concern over Amanda's appointment make for high energy output. The energy all comes back in different ways, sleep only being one of them. Sharing time and laughter together is another. Now if I could just figure out how to relax as well.
This week! Quiet on some fronts and ramping up on others. Things to get done before summer semester begins and more time to share together. Breathe, take care of YOU, smile, Love, create and I'll be back next week :)

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