A Little Bit of Craft and a Whole Lot of Fun!

Good Morning everyone *yawn* late start today but that's what happens when you're out on Saturday night. In fact I'm the only one out of bed. I tell ya Daddy comes over and we party!
So what fun did I have this week? Thursday I buzzed up to Estes Park for part of the Wool Market happenings. I took a workshop taught by Peggy Doney of The 100th Sheep and learned about color. At the beginning it felt like being back in Chemistry class my freshman year! Once I read through the notes I understood what we were going to do and a lot of things I had been missing in my own dyeing came to light. 
Chemistry class
After mixing dyes and adding our samples the yarn gets cooked:
set upjars
The wind played havoc with the keeping the burners going but Peggy's engineer husband Jeff went to the truck and got the side tarps for the canopy to keep things going. 
finished product
And here's the finished samples!! Look at all of those great colors from only two base colors of dye! I have some experimenting ahead of me for some new ideas that I thought about driving home. I didn't get to visit the vendors as they only run on the weekend but I hope they all have great sales.
As for our partying last night. Daddy loves just about everything there is to do about cars. Working on them, looking at them at shows and of course watching them race. Every summer when he comes to visit we get down to the Colorado National Speedway to watch.
race track
Every Saturday night from April through October there are different classes of cars racing. Last night was the Late Models, Grand American Modifieds, Super Stock and the big one, the K&N Pro Series West. So you know how Baseball has AAA and AA minor league levels? The Xfinity racing is AAA and K&N is the AA for the Monster Energy Series. Fourteen cars took the track last night for 150 lap race.
We had a great time watching them go!
Serra chose the #19 at the start of the race and after a shootout finish....
Hailie Deegan won!
It's always good to spend time with Daddy doing something he loves. The fact that the rain went away, the food's great and the girls love it is all gravy to me.
What's on tap this week? More family fun as the Cubs come to visit the Rockies, two birthdays to celebrate and Senior Pictures happening! Oh, and some crafting in there too. Current project is still a secret and I'm glad to have the family time too. Take care and smile with someone this week :)

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