A loom fashion show and new items

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It might finally be spring for real here in Colorado. This last week hopefully gave us our last blast of winter with a good eight inches of snow in my little corner of the Fort. Now it's mostly melted and bright green grass is showing through. Here's hoping the lilacs in the area didn't mind the cold snap as they should be blooming soon.
What did we do this last week? I could be boring and say more of the same with staying home but just about everyone is doing that right now. Amanda completed her Seal of Biliteracy testing and Serra finished all of her work by Wednesday so she had a lot of free time! 
As for crafts this last week, I said last time that we would check in with the looms. Everyone has been in the process of getting dressed lately.
Max is tackling a gradient silk scarf
gradient silk
I love Redfish Dyeworks colors! Normally I get to see them at the Interweave Yarn Fest in the spring but the event has been pushed to August. Good thing I have purchased far too much in years past and have a good stash.
Susan is wearing some purple tencel for some Overshot and the bobbins got wound.
The hand dyed is a Merino Silk blend from Lambspun they call Prism that I have collected over the years. These pieces will be warmer than my usual silk and tencel so I plan on listing them in the fall.
Rapunzel will be tackling the Handwoven project soon but it is still in the percolating stages of my brain so she is playing with tiny silk.
tiny silk
This is threaded at 60 threads to the inch and will become another group of pocket squares. These are threaded in a twill sequence that I will be able to create different snowflake patterns with.
And last but not least Flynn is working on a tencel scarf with warp that I dyed
dyed warp
The warp is purple, green and blue and once I had it threaded I cut the ends at an angle to shift the colors. It will be interesting to see how it comes out.
The website also has new pieces on it including The Exile's Lament the Trust pattern that I have been working on.
The Exile's Lament
It is the first of many I have planned in my head that are inspired by Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's series.
Wow! Seems I've actually been doing more than I thought lately. I constantly feel that I'm not doing enough, be it for the girls, for the business or for the future. A cycle that I'm not entirely sure how to break because even though there is a difference between beating yourself and pushing yourself most times it's very fine line. There's a lot I want to accomplish in this life, maybe this time right now is for me to learn how to do it gradually instead of taking it all on in just one day. To slow down and have life feel like love, as natural as breathing.
Do something for you and breathe this week :) 

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