A most unusual July

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The calendar says July, however the fog that just rolled in outside my window has me thinking April. The weather this summer has been something else. A normal July would already have had several days in the high nineties meaning cold showers at night simply to be able to sleep. Instead, I have gotten to snuggle into my blankets with the window open to be cozy.

What did we do this week? Serra and I had a very quiet one. Minecraft and extra sleep filled Serra's days. We also got in some driving practice as her test is this week. The holiday gave me two extra days of rest, craft and reset. Amanda spent the week training as a Bridge scholar. Turns out she is the "old" one of the group at 21 and the veteran at mentoring as this is her fifth rodeo. When it came time to introduce themselves to the team, the professor said, "we already know Amanda, so we're gonna skip you." Today, the 45 students will arrive and spend the next two weeks getting their brains crammed full for the fall semester with this jump start in their Calculus, Comp Sci, Physics lessons.

Two extra days for the holiday makes for a short week of work on top of it been one of the slower times for me. I spent the time updating web posts, finishing up winter files, and working on my photoshop skills. Udemy class I purchased a while ago is pretty neat. Next week includes a two-day shoot and a knitting lesson.

For crafts I spent my time with the Tapestry, getting a new pattern off the needles, and finishing some spinning. I am so excited for this new pattern! It has languished for a couple years needing an edge that I wasn't quite sure how to complete. Yarn usage was also a concern. Normally, my grain scale is used for dye measurements; this time it came in handy for yarn usage. I still need to photograph the shawl and turn my pattern notes into a pdf which for me is more difficult than the designing! Because I can't help myself yesterday was spent jumping into the next idea.

It just so happens that these designs are inspired by one of my favorite book series and a new one will be out August 1st! Maybe that would be a good day to have the pattern available as well.

Spinning saw the finish of another little rolag from what I call my breakfast spin.
The next step for this little guy is plying. Here is the next color in the series.

The fiber is the Medusa gradient from Fellview Fibres. I have lots of colors to go and need to stay away from her site to keep from ordering more!

As for me, the week started rough and got exponentially better. Too much worry about the future and feeling that I am not good enough will wreak havoc on a person. Add in taking some things said the wrong way and physical variances creates an absolute mess. Totally admit that I was. Started reading a new book of the meditation variety and it reminded me of a simple truth that has been a strong thread over the years. Believing in that again finally broke the dark spiral and helped me feel like me again. Some extra rest, bringing back previous habits, a bit of time out of the house, and good conversation put me back in balance. 
This week! Slowly preparing for the school year for Serra with setting the alarm clock again and writing a college essay. Hopefully she can find some time with friends as well. Students to wrangle for Amanda and the busy schedule on campus. Photo shoot, remembering to let go of the things I cannot control, and more learning on tap for me. Breathe, believe, hope, dream, grow, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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