A new level

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's bit chilly on my bare toes today as temperatures have finally dropped into the winter range. We also received our first taste of snow this past week. Nothing along the lines of what Buffalo and the lake effect created but it is a taste of what's to come.
What did we do this week? Serra got her first taste of 'night' driving as the time change makes twilight fall fairly close to the end of the school day. She had a busy one with music with jazz rehearsal and concert preparation for the festival and clinic that bands from across the area played in on Thursday. For the first time ever students in our district get the entire Thanksgiving week off. She is looking forward to sleep, Animal Crossing, Papa, and getting more practice by being my chauffeur. 
Amanda spent the week stretching her social butterfly wings, which after the first week of November with her packed twenty-four hours of exams, I don't blame her. Friday was the Trinity of Terror concert that tickets were a steal for. Saturday night a hockey game, with the Engineers winning in a shoot-out. Today might be a little quiet as I'm sure there is homework to be done and dinner with a friend. They still have classes on Monday and Tuesday next week. Most of the kids are local to the area and heading off for the holiday weekend. I think she's looking forward to a bit of quiet and Indian food. 
This week at work saw the latest issue of Spin Off released. My hands are literally in this one to help recreate some how-to steps. Short week coming up with the holiday. Web posts and prepping for another photo shoot will fill up the time quickly. Crafts have been all over the place as I have been working on whatever I was drawn to at that moment. Spinning, knitting, cross-stitch and combing projects are all scattered about me.
As for me, the week started rough. Raw emotion and everything around me triggering my temper. I felt like a cat that kept getting pet backwards against the grain of their fur. Thankfully that portion was short lived, and I got to look forward to the high point of the week: my birthday! Many times, birthdays or fixed points in time are used to look back and see how far you have come or how much you have changed over time. Life just keeps elevating, growing, and evolving and at times I am overwhelmed with emotion at how much is in life. Not only can I do this, I AM doing this and it feels amazing.
Next week! Lots of sleep for Serra, running around unsupervised for Amanda, and me? A couple days of work, some extra time with the tapestry, a visit from Daddy, and quite simply being. Breathe, know, listen, feel the light, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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