A pattern, a market and a beginning...

Good morning!  It is a quiet Sunday morning here as I'm typing this.  Girls are getting as much recovery from the past few weeks and hopefully a jump start on the two weeks to come.  August through October is always full with marching season and the beginning of archery season.  So here is a bit of a time out from the chaos to catch up online here with you.

In keeping with my goals to publish at least one pattern per month last week I posted the Dayflower Wrap to Ravelry.

It takes approximately 1000 yards of light fingerweight yarn.  I used Prism from  Lambspun of Colorado.  It is handdyed there in the shop and is 50% merino and 50% silk.  I have a lot of it from attending the biannual sales over the years.  Have to decide which pattern that I've already knitted to write up next...

I spent one Saturday in September as a vendor at the French Nest Open Air Market and tried again yesterday.  September was not a good event, but also as I was reminded by some wonderful support staff that work behind the scenes that the weather was a big factor.  Cold rain is never a good way to start or be at an outdoor event.  So I crossed my fingers and hoped that yesterday would go better and it some ways it was.


Different style display and having a working loom there brought more people into the booth to check things out over the first two hours while we had wonderful sunshine and a light breeze.  At 11 however that changed.  The wind decided to visit the market and for the next two hours I stood holding the canopy frame so that it wouldn't fly away.    After an especially large gust of wind at 1pm the vendors in our area and ourselves simply started packing up.  My dear Serra was an absolute trooper through it all.  She helped sit against a canopy pole lending her weight to hold it down and then carefully broke down and packed everything up while I kept the canopy from blowing away.  While the market did not go as I would have hoped people did like what they saw and wonderful friends Mary, Wendy and Lori of Cowgirl Yarn all stopped by.  As for the market itself, I'm not sure that it's the right place for me.  I plan to use the winter months to do a lot of making and thinking about the types of events that are available and the best ways to get myself and my product out there.  In the end I do care very much about my business and in some ways possibly want it all right now.  Well that's not how this works.  I have to follow my intuition, learn patience and work to find the best ways to make it work for me.

As for that business thing.  Something I've been thinking about for the last couple of years is writing a book.  I realize that this is quite a task and instead of doing anything concrete I've been letting it percolate in my brain a bit.  There's a journal with notes in it, lists of topics that I want to include but nothing firm.  I changed that this last week.  It's not much, an intro and a possible table of contents but it's there.  I don't really want to go into much detail but those that I have talked to about it love the idea.  So yet another project to work on or possibly several depending upon the size and shape that it takes.  Something I keep telling myself is that the business is going to take time.  I have learned many things from the time I spent doing wedding cakes, discussions this year and what I see for my future.  Patience is key, and it will get there one step at a time.

And since I'm sure you're all curious about all of that time spent marching I was finally a good mom last week and took some photos rather than simply watching Amanda hit her spots and perform. :)


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