A pause

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Little chilly so far here in the Fort today but I'm sure that will be changing. I think we are coming out of winter's grasp into spring. Personally I'm still hoping for some rain to visit around lilac season.
I try to keep things light and positive here, even during this past year with the pandemic. Today however I need to share some thoughts about Boulder. I am a Colorado native and grew up with various guns and weaponry in the house. I was taught how to use such tools and always supervised. My stepdad was a police officer and a member of the National Guard; teaching me was the best way to keep me safe. I believe in the 2nd amendment. Many times the food on the table was the last bit of venison or elk steaks hunted on the mountain that we lived on. However you don't give a toddler a chefs knife and currently that is what's possible here in our country. There is no need for the average citizen to have access to the specialized weaponry that has been used here in Colorado. People are going to find ways to harm each other. What needs to be done now is restricting the tools that allow for this mass destruction.
This week! Serra was back in person all five days. Very strange as I got used to having her company here and taking Fridays to run errands with her. We think the thought of school running from 8-5 and only four days a week would be great. Amanda and RPI are out of quarantine and the staff are happy to see the kids again. Rutgers is paving the way saying that students will be required to have the vaccine to be on campus next year. We having already been planning for RPI to follow suit and hope they do. I think Amanda has made an impression because the staff remembers her name at the dining hall door along with her favorites at the omelet station. Crafts for me this week saw time with Susan. The spring colored tea towels are off the loom and ready for the next steps in the process. Weaving is only step one. They'll be washed, ironed, separated and hemmed this coming week. Good to know that I can get six towels (24" long) out of a five yard warp. Max and Flynn are up next. Max has black 20/2 silk that will turn into some cowls and Flynn still has the 120/2 silk for bookmarks. Hopefully finishing those up along with others that are off loom in the finishing pile will give me a good inventory for the Spring Market on April 10th.
As for me this week, it was pretty blue and I don't mean the sky shaded variety. Rattling around the house by myself again during the day, Boulder, concern for kids I know there, trying to be patient and not push on the future, hearing of hours being cut for people when they think they are secure. All of it together gave me a very 'What's the point?' feeling. Then on Friday I was reminded. Laughter. Joy. Love. Connection. Sometimes it's hard to remember but they are always there. 
This week! Opening Day Baseball! Oh and more weaving ;) Only two weeks until the market so lots of little things to get ready. Breathe, remember, take care of you and I'll be back next week ;)

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