A philosophical week

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! You wouldn't know it from looking outside today and seeing the green grass and the bright sunshine that we had a snowstorm on Monday. Seems we have another one in the works even though the calendar has turned to April. Not surprised about it really, the Rockies home opener is Tuesday so snow in the forecast is kind of expected.
What did we do this week? We decided Monday to take our own snow day as I did not want to go out in the mess. The rest of the week was full of a French project that Amanda helped Serra with and a jazz concert. One of the best things the current directors have done with the jazz program is to move the concerts out into the commons area and make it more relaxed. They even save room for a dance floor that the kids took advantage of. This week looks to be more of the same with preparation for the State Concert festival in a couple of weeks. 
Bit of a quieter week at work that was not helped by internet upgrade work from Xfinity. Working from home is great until you have no internet. It did make it easier to take care of some offline things that I am responsible for, and it was our good luck that they waited until Friday instead of interrupting Opening Day. I will have a little bit of catch-up to play on Monday.
Crafts have seen progress on all of my various projects. Serra's sleeves are three-quarters finished, two more hexagons have been added to the Starflower pile, and five more pin loom squares have been completed for the rainbow blanket. I need to get back to some weaving, but I am not too worried about it with not doing a big show this year. Normally, I would be fretting about Art in the Park later on in the summer. This year, it falls on a full weekend so I will not be there. 
As for me, I think the additional light has my time sense off. I know Monday was only a week ago, yet it feels like it was much longer than that. An extremely emotional start got soothed on Wednesday and I spent a good chunk of the week thinking. Truth doesn't mean full disclosure; privacy can be a good thing. Religious orders keep their rites a secret, not to hide but to give a sacred quality to the rituals. Another aspect of this privacy is that if no one knows about something they cannot use it against you or take it away. Something else I thought about this week was the concept of purpose. For a long time, off and on, I used to ask a friend, "Are you happy?" The answer varied and I have stopped asking because it's not a fair question. What if life is not about being happy but about finding your purpose? Finding where all of the unique qualities of your self fit into you and the world around you. Something to keep thinking about.
This week! A relatively quiet one which we could all use for rest. Breathe, cherish, dream, be, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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