A quiet little corner

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's very quiet morning in my little corner of the Fort. The sky is slightly overcast yet it is warm enough outside to sleep with the windows open. I love being able to snuggle deep into the covers with the cooler temperatures. Spring is here and not, as per usual for a few more weeks.
What did we do this week? Amanda has received the go ahead on graduation! Students have to apply to graduate which puts their transcript into a review process to make sure that all of the requirements have been met. She applied back in January and finally received the good news this week. We were concerned that she would have to fight on how her math credits were handled considering she completed Calc 3 in high school. She polished off two more exams and received at 95% and a handshake on a previous one. It was a very Paul Hollywood moment! Her regalia has arrived, and the capstone project gets presented in class tomorrow.
Serra finally had a full normal week. With some added cheese runs in between. She found in France that their cheese does not hurt her stomach like American cheese does. The pasteurization process is different. Two trips to Whole Foods this week have kept her in brie as she eats it every day! Classes are ramping up for AP testing in May and I just realized that Biology was last semester! I hope she finds some time for review.
More odds and ends at work this week along with prepping for another photo shoot. I will have a busy run of them over the next couple of months before a bit of a break to take care of my ankle. I no longer have fancy footwear but do have a date with the surgeon to take care of it. I did not plan for a summer with my foot in the air however I like walking and would like to get back to running as well. Some days it doesn't hurt, and I think I shouldn't have surgery and then I have a day where I push and know it needs to be done. 
Crafts saw some spinning, knitting, and weaving. The breakfast spin is coming along, and I have some spindles that need plied. Three more hexies joined the pile and a new design came off the needles. It still needs blocking and a name. A simple one skein in Smooshy with Cashmere.
Played a bit of yarn chicken with it, and this is all I had left! I am hoping to get in a pattern writing groove considering I have at least five pieces I can think of that are off the needles and need to be published. Weaving time was spent with my zoom loom and rainbow squares project. One of the best tips I got at the Weave Together event was to use a hair pick to help pack in the yarn and adjust the tension. It made such a difference in the four squares I finished yesterday. 
As for me, it was a good week and having Opening Day bring back baseball made it even better. I find it rather funny that Serra's team is doing the best of all so far. Pushed a bit too hard with needing to do more in the beginning of the week. I do have a rather clean studio from it and plan to do some more organizing. It would be better to go at a slow and steady pace. Like I tell my knitting students, a little bit every day, although I laugh when they tell me how patient I am! I still don't think I have learned patience and don't know that I ever will. I do know that I am in a good place right now and grateful for the time I've been given to get here. 
Next week! A new quarter. Can you believe we are three months in to 2024 already? Wild. It will be more of the same here in my little corner and I'm learning that it's not a bad thing. Breathe, rest, be, believe, Love, soak in the peace, and I'll be back next week :)

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