A slippery slope

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! You would think from the birds singing outside and the sun shining behind the clouds that nothing in the world has changed, when it reality everything has. I have spent the past two days trying to process the court's decision on Friday, to get passed the sinking feeling in my stomach. So far it has not gone away.
What did we do this week? Serra received three of the four new puzzle cubes that I purchased for her and has already conquered them. If I mix all seven of the cubes it takes her about forty-five minutes to unscramble them all going at a comfort pace. She has no interest in speed cubing as the process of solving them is what she enjoys. I am hoping the fourth one arrives today. We also picked up craft supplies for another idea that she has been working on.
Amanda is preparing for a busy week of class before getting a week break. Hard to believe that the summer semester is almost half over. I believe she has three exams and a group paper to finish up before she gets some time to breathe. She is very glad that one of her required classes is now done!
Crafts this week have been all over the place. Flynn got dressed.
The dye on this tencel gradually gets lighter so the pattern will be more visible toward the center.
I washed some very dirty Paco Vicuna fiber.
Only two ounces of fiber and probably three ounces of dirt! Camelids love to roll in the dust so if you buy it raw like I do it takes a bit of washing to get it all out.
What did you do with your Saturday morning?
Just picked guard hairs out of two ounces of Paco Vicuna fiber, you? The torturous looking device to the left is my Gizma that this fiber will eventually be combed on to prepare it for spinning.
One last treat was the arrival of a new spindle! I know another one. This one is special. The whorl on it is made of Bog Oak that was ordered by The Spanish Peacock just before the invasion of Ukraine. According to a FB post on his page, "Twenty stamps were taped to a package of bog oak, as Ukraine post wasn't operating, and the package was transported across the border to Poland to ship." Mike wanted to somehow preserve this history and included some of it with each spindle. It is my lightest spindle weighing in at a tiny 12 grams.
As for me looking at the entire week it was good. We got to have lunch with a dear friend that we have not seen for a very long time and have made plans for a group dinner in the near future. Work is continuing to be amazing and I love what I am doing. The world as a whole is scary right now. Friday's decision has created a slippery slope that I hope does not turn into an avalanche. I personally had two moments after my girls where I would have used services that are now denied to me; thank goodness I am in Colorado. LGBTQIA+ rights are now in danger along with more rights for women. Did you know that women could not have bank accounts and credit cards without a husband before the passing of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974? That was the year before I was born. I can understand and appreciate some women's desire for the security of handing things over to a husband. I lived it for many years before I started to grow and find myself. It is not something I want to go back to. I am autonomous in every way for the first time since college and I am loving every moment of it. Seems the fight is never over.
This week! Shorter amount of time to do things for work as I am taking some time over the holiday weekend to do fun things. Spinning has been a balm and I need to come up with a comfort knit to help keep me centered. Take a breath, find your resolve, stay strong, believe, hope, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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