A spiral

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Today is the time change and while I'm sure several will be enjoying another hour of sleep, I get to enjoy another hour of craft! It's not really another hour as time is a social construct. I will enjoy getting to see the sun rise more often.
What did we do this week? Amanda is in the slog portion of the semester with due dates almost every day. She believes that her Circuits exam went well and gets to register for her final undergraduate semester on Monday. I am hoping the new class we found called The Psychology of Games is interesting. Letters of rec have been requested and applications for graduate programs will be complete soon.
Serra had a rough one this week coming down with a monster of a cold that wiped her out. Thankfully she is back to her bright macaron baking self and only has two assignments to complete and an exam to make up. Jazz band begins this week! The time change comes just in time for even earlier mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I believe rehearsals start at seven am.
Work was an unusual one this week with our spinning retreat. I spent two very social days helping spinners find their classrooms, unloading and loading my car with supplies, and assisting in one of the sampler classes. It was great to learn new things, meet new people, and see familiar faces that remembered me from the event two years ago. Next week is another two-day photo shoot to coordinate and then it will be a couple of quieter weeks with reviews for PieceWork. 
Will all of the social time out with work, crafts took a backseat. I am still knitting on the summer project and every calculation I do says that I will run out of yarn before I finish. UGH! I do not want to change the design so I have a feeling I will be ordering another skein. The really big thing that needs completion is the pattern itself. Luckily, I can write that and get it into editing without a finished piece. Photography is mid-December, so it has to finished by then. I love knitting this style but have to admit that I am ready to get back to some of my own personal creativity. The new wheel Roy and I have begun getting to know each other. I pulled out some random fiber and we played a bit this week. My Christmas present might be ordering a couple of bobbins for him. So far, I love the rhythm with the single treadle and can sit on one of my feet like I love to do. He is definitely a more relaxed and laid-back wheel than Rumple and Lou are. 
As for me it was quite the week. New people, familiar faces, team building and learning about people. It has been a week full of internal growth. I had a couple of different thought processes that have affected me. Mentally, I have always known that I could make this life work. People do it all the time. They work, pay the bills and hope to find some type of enjoyment in it along the way. What I didn't realize that I personally needed, was to let go of the fear and believe that I could do it. Belief and knowing are two completely different things. A random movie quote popped into my head yesterday. "He's beginning to believe." and it struck home. I am beginning to believe in myself and that is so powerful. The second process that caught me is the spiral. Early concepts in elementary school are introduced and students continually revisit them in a spiral fashion until the concept is understood. I believe the same happens with life. You keep repeating patterns until you learn what you are supposed to know. I affectionately call this "checking the dead guy's pockets". Those pockets might be empty, or I have found what I needed to in them. I am either just past a veil, or ready for the next spiral and every step as painful as it was at the time has made now some much more. 
Next week! More, not in the sense of being greedy and pulling more in, rather more, in filling each moment to its maximum potential, even if that maximum potential is one of resting. Breathe, feel, glow, be, Love, find the moments and I'll be back next week :)

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