A week of extremes

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! A little quiet so far as the girls are still asleep. Bit of a cloudy morning too as we had some thundershowers visit our little corner last night. Hoping the temperature stays down some as I would love to open the windows for some fresh air. 
What have we been up to this week? It has been a tale of two extremes. The first couple of days were very busy with a photo shoot for Little Looms. The second half of the week has been extremely low key. I guess that's what happens when you have ankle surgery on Wednesday. I'm told everything went well and the girls have been taking great care of me. And for the most part, I have been able to behave and let them. Most of my time has been spent with my foot up in the air and attached to an ice box that circulates cold water around my leg to keep the swelling down. The girls have watched several movies that I have managed to nap through.
I did get some outside time yesterday as the UPS driver brought me a package. Using my fancy knee scooter, we rolled down to the package drop to pick it up. 
Working with other crafters is very dangerous as we enable each other! My new tool is a Gilmore Curl loom. I've looked at the Waves for quite a while along with hunting for them on used sites. My colleague showed me how the Curl folds down smaller and that they are in stock, and I couldn't resist. It's time to break out my inkle book and start creating.
The weaving width is only four inches, and it is extremely light. Maybe I can come up with some neat ideas for it.
As for me, all things considered it has been a good week. I did have one day after surgery that was pretty rough. One thing they don't tell you is how much the rest of your body is going to hurt from compensating for the limb you can't use. Thinking I should feel better sooner also played into it as well. Now, it's simply being patient with my recovery to quite literally get back on my feet! 
Next week! Back to work from the confines of my sofa. I am grateful to work from home and that I will be able to rest in between getting things done. There are also plane tickets to purchase, a bit of college prep to do, more time with my girls and a birthday to celebrate. Breathe, smile, rest, Love, believe that everything will be alright, and I'll be back next week :)

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