A wild and wooly week

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Feels like our short lived spring is over and summer is in full swing. My car said yesterday that it reached 100*, something I am not quite ready for. Maybe that's why I've been enjoying hockey in the evening seeing all of that ice.
What did we do this week? Serra has recently conquered the 4 x 4 and 5 x 5 Rubik's cubes. She only started with puzzle cubes a few weeks ago and now loves them. The one that has given her a run for her money is an octahedron as its faces have triangles and it turns differently. Her fabric finally arrived for her sewing project and she is having a blast with it.
Amanda is crushing things out at school and is very glad we have our vacation plans set as she has four exams the week before! She says our trip will be needed after a run like that. Things sound good and she has created plans to celebrate her birthday next week.
As for me it has been a wild week! The dryer decided to stop working Monday. I analyzed what I could of the situation and found nothing that I could do for it. Found a repair company and set up an appointment for tomorrow. Randomly thought yesterday let's push start and see what happens. It started working just fine, go figure. I'm still going to have it looked at just to be sure and possibly get the timer on it fixed. We also went up to the Estes Park Wool Market yesterday.
This little guy was having a great time chewing on the bars of his pen! We checked out the sheep, goats, alpacas, rabbits and paco vicunas. Can't forget the marketplace! Got to say hi to a few fiber friends however everything was so busy that I missed saying hi to others. As for the goodies that came home with me:
A set of small, curved handcarders from Clemes and Clemes.
And seven ounces of raw paco vicuna fiber from Jefferson Farms. It is so soft and lovely! It will be a treat to prepare for spinning.
I also finished plying my spindles last night!
This is the Opal colorway from Greenwood Fiberworks that I spun on John Galen spindles. The fiber is 50% Yak/ 50% Silk and it is plied with 120/2 Silk from Redfish Dyeworks. From the amount of silk I used there is about 2,180 yards. I still need to check the wpi on it but I am very happy with how it turned out.
As for me it was a good week that got even better. Last time I got a call on a Friday to meet with the ceo things did not go well. I am thrilled to that say that this Friday they went great and my position is now full-time. Now it's a matter of continuing to grow and improve. What does it mean for Threaded Dream? I'll still be here doing all the things I love just a little more securely now. 
This week! Two birthdays to send out love to, a fabric project to help on, inventory to take and magazines to work on. It's going to take me a bit to relax into all of it as I don't have to fight so hard now. Life feels good. Breathe, create, relax, grow, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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