A year in review and what to do about 2019

Good Morning!!  Long time since I've said anything to all of you out in Internetland. 2018 has flown by but I wanted to share some of the highlights:

Check out the new website! I teamed up with Nerdymind to build the site and get the shopping features up and running.  Mary and her team were great at communicating with me and keeping me to a deadline to finish it.

2018 saw 6 new pattern releases with Piecework, Yarn Crush and I Like Knitting.     My Autumn Crown Watercolor Shawl was one of fifty patterns voted Best of 2018 with the magazine!
The yarn is Eos from The Unique Sheep in their Coral and Cream gradient.
 On the personal side of 2018, Amanda finally achieved her goal of winning a gold medal at the Colorado State Marching Band Championships.

It's Fossil's first win since 2013 and with new directors as well.

Serra is loving the change from Alto to Bari Sax and had a great winter concert.

And I even turned into an unexpected celebrity.

The City of Fort Collins Recreator is put out four times a year with different class offerings that are available.  I was selected as Recreator of the Year for my participation and devotion to fitness over the last 7 years. 

As for 2019.....Currently I'm in a bit of a slump. Only 6 days in and I'm beating on myself pretty hard for not being further along on with the business and with life itself.  I'm worried about pulling my own weight and being worthy of the life that I hope for in the future.  What I need to do is stopping worrying and start doing.  Throwing myself into work, both in the studio and the gym, may be the only thing that breaks this mindset.  

What do you want to see from me in 2019?  

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