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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Looks like our spring rains are finally showing up here in my little corner of the Fort. I am loving the cooler weather and hoping that it lasts for a while. Still need to go find me some lilacs.
What did we do this last week? Our new show of choice is Forged in Fire from the History channel. It's your serial reality competition where four competitors go up against each other. Instead of cakes or food as the weapon of choice they are asked to make blades. The final round is the recreation of a historical weapon. Each round is judged by three experts and various testing methods. We're only in the second season but already saying things like "He's going to have problems with that." and "That wasn't hot enough to quench!" Like all shows based on this model it is standard however learning the various forging methods and history of the blades is pretty neat. 
Lots of sports happening too. Amanda and I realized yesterday that we could hook up four computers and have five screens going to be able to catch everything between hockey playoffs, racing and baseball. I've got my own sports bar going on!
As for the crafts, in other words what I should be doing I'm always surprised when I look back over my camera roll for the week and accomplished more than I thought. Two new warps have been wound for Susan along with some 60/2 silk measured for Flynn as he finished the purple silk that has been on tour.
purple silk scarf
I love the shine and feel of silk!
More fiber as been spun as I finished the fourth ounce on my braid from The 100th Sheep.
Two more the go and then I have to think about plying. Currently I have two options. Use my 120/2 silk with each spindle in 2-ply fashion and get a ton of yardage or 3-ply with the spindles only in the same order that the braid was in.
Rapunzel has also started on the Lilacs and Rain series.
One pattern repeat is 18 picks and measures 3/4" in width.
I love tiny silk and how it looks from different angles.
My last bit of big news for the week is that I was accepted to the Art in the Park event in Loveland the weekend of August 7-8! First time ever doing a two day event. The next few weeks are going to be a flurry of weaving to get ready and figuring out how to display things well along with shifting for good weather. The last outdoor event I did was not great so many fingers and toes crossed.
As for me things are good. It's always a mental juggling act with balancing between getting things done and spending time with the girls and thankfully this week's camera roll shots showed that it's going good so far. I'm nervous and excited for the August event so hopefully I can channel that into good ideas.
Next week! More weaving! Along with some new ideas as a large shipment of tencel is due to arrive. Breathe, create, take care of you and I'll be back next week ;)

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