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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Mother Nature is pulling her tricks again to remind everyone that it is still February and should be considered winter here. The week's weather was wonderful until Friday when she decided to send us another storm. The trickster in her got it started with mist that looked like water but was ice instead. Nothing like stepping out your back door to go somewhere and banana split falling on the steps! Thankfully I didn't break anything except for my water bottle. It should come as no surprise that it's going to be in the sixties by Tuesday.
What did we do this week? Yet another presentation for Amanda and her team in capstone. She also had an exam in instrumentation and got her score back on her manufacturing exam. She was pretty happy with that one considering she pulled the highest score in class. It also doesn't hurt that the professor gave them all an extra five points pushing her to 101. The semester is flying by with only two weeks remaining before spring break.
Serra had a full week with tutoring, jazz and a doubleheader basketball pep gig. The morning is quiet here as she is at a friend's staying the night. Hopefully their cat hasn't been laying on her all night as she is mildly allergic even though she loves them. We have our last meeting for her French trip on Monday evening to make sure everything is in order and ready to go. She has three weeks to go before her spring break and her trip.
Lots of meetings for work this past week along with editing the Summer issue of PieceWork. The next two weeks will see a chunk of on-site activity with not one but two two-day photo shoot and the new Weave Together event. I'll be spending part of my time warping looms and seeing a couple of my favorite teachers there. 
Crafts saw a good chunk of hexie time and the finish of a skein with Roy. Little Lou has the carding from my two-ounce bundle of paco-vicuna going and I pulled out a couple of braids for Rapunzel to choose from last night. A good thing about a fiber stash is having a variety of fibers for one of the photo shoots! I need to visit Redfish Dyeworks to get some silk to ply some of my smaller braids with to clear my spindles. 
As for me it was a weird week, both incredibly long and surprisingly short. As usual, I don't feel like I got enough done and last Sunday feels like it was ages ago. Hopefully this week will not feel the same in either regard. That time will pace itself properly and I will get things accomplished and it will feel like a normal speed week especially considering starting Thursday it will be a very busy chunk of days till the end of February. Not to mention all of the things I want to do to the website and for myself. Oh, and don't forget that other thing I get told to do: Relax! 
Next week! Short week with the Monday holiday, French trip meeting, school routines and the start of the February whirlwind. Breathe, dream, relax, be, Love, find where you feel home, and I'll be back next week :)

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