Almost, but not quite back to routine

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It is quiet and cold in my little corner of the Fort. I imagine many people are not awake before seven on a Sunday. I was awake even earlier but sometimes it's cozy to relax before getting out of bed.
What did we do this week? It turned into a bit of an odd one. Serra didn't have school with the holiday on Monday and I didn't know that big girl jobs also get some of the unexpected ones as well. Monday turned into a wonderful treat of playing games and having a great time. Okay, the week starts on Tuesday then. Noon that day, a snow day got called for Wednesday which Serra didn't mind at all. Thankfully the week was a little closer to routine for Thursday and Friday.
Amanda has been enjoying her down time with hanging out during the day while I work. She finds it highly amusing when I curse at my computer for not doing something I want it to or Dropbox responding too slowly.  We have also caught up on some Marvel shows. She-Hulk was a disappointment, although rather accurate in depicting aspects of the female condition in the early episodes. We love Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black and were excited to see her again. Daredevil, on the other hand, has been a big hit. 
Work doesn't stop for snow days with getting to work from home. Funny thing is Wednesday was probably my most productive day this past week. Lots of writing, web posting and author reviews got taken care of. This week will mostly be spent at a photo shoot.
Crafts saw time with Little Lou spinning up some Malabrigo Nube fiber.
The colorway is called Cereza and the fiber is 100% Merino. I've seen people talk online about how their dyeing process slightly felts the fiber making it difficult to spin. I predraft most all the fibers I work with and opening it up this way has made it wonderful to work with. I am about halfway through the four-ounce braid.
In our attempts to finish off Serra's driving hours, we took a trip up to Laramie yesterday. The girls enjoy getting jellybeans at a shop that just happens to be close to Cowgirl Yarn. Last time we were there I was able to resist, not so for this time around.
I know again with the rainbows! This is from Alexandra the Art of Yarn and is so soft! Considering the fiber blend is 65% superwash Merino, 15% Yak and 20% Silk I would hope it is! In total I have 1200 yards here and no idea what it will become other than something that feels glorious against my skin.
As for me, it was a good week. I think my turn of the year have to do more mentality has finally quieted down and I'm settling back into a comfortable routine. Life is in a good place and just like a houseplant, with sunlight, food and water, it will keep growing. 
Next week! More routine. Jazz band, extra concert band rehearsal, French club and school for Serra. More vacation for Amanda as East Coast friends slowly get back into their school groove. An appointment, photo shoot, more learning for work, crafting and resting for me. Breathe, let go, hope, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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