Almost summer

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am loving the current cooler temperatures here in my little corner of the Fort. The short spots of rain have been wonderful and the dip in temperatures helps greatly with sleep at night. It would be great if it would stay this way for a few more weeks.
What happened this week? Serra had three days of school that were all very quiet. Since she is so good with being on top of her work I've picked her early every day as one time slot is a necessary study hall that she clearly has never needed. Two days next week for an English presentation, French quiz and to turn in her books. Hopefully she will receive information about her two summer classes soon. We are hoping they will be the same format that Amanda had where all of the work is assigned at once and can be worked at her pace. If that is the case I figure she'll be done two weeks before the deadline.
RPI is finally back online after dealing with their cyberattack. Amanda had a great semester and will have meetings over the summer for training to be a Calculus mentor for the fall. The two of us have been indulging in a rerunning of Yellowstone before the next season comes out next month. Think Dallas from the 80's but a lot more brutal. The Dutton family is trying to hold on to their ranch and everyone it determined to take it from them. Rip and Beth are that world's worst kept secret and are the best representation of endurance that I've ever seen portrayed on screen.
As for crafts this week I spent some time with Susan doing some plain weave
and a bit of pattern
A five yard warp length will give me a scarf, a cowl and another idea that I will share later this year. I like the idea of creating series runs and will reorganize the website to reflect that.
I also played with the new blending board that I got from my friend Lydia.
These are rainbow rolags of 100% merino that I blended together. They will be spun into rainbow yarn. I started some Saturday night and the bobbin looks like the layers of the giant jawbreakers that Serra gets at Rocket Fizz. The blending board is great and while it will take some practice I think I'm getting the hang of it.
As for me it the end of the week got pretty dark. I was doing pretty good battling the hindsight creature that had been telling me that I've wasted the last four years. I know I haven't but I do know that I need to improve. Then a friend had trouble at work. God forbid he's efficient, gets his work done and follows the instructions that were given about working from home. It made a lot of things feel pointless. I don't want life to be only work and home once the girls are on their own. I don't want to be supported in my endeavors for the money they make. There's more out there and I need to figure out how to build to get to it. 
Next week! Rapunzel has been very patient, Susan is almost done with her current run and there are scarves drying on the floor from last night. My computer files need cleaned up and organized and ways to generate sales need to be researched. Breathe, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)  

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