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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is slowly making its way over the horizon and shedding a muted light on the world. My body has decided that it wants to keep a consistent sleep schedule which means I was awake at five am. A mixed blessing as I see it as it is better for me physically and mentally, but that sometimes I miss sleeping in!
What did we do this week? We celebrated a birthday! Serra turned seventeen at the end of January. Dinner at her favorite restaurant, some clothes, spices, and new puzzle cubes to tackle, made for a good day. School was busy with two exams and jazz rehearsals. Friday afternoon caught her off guard as she's got a bit of a cold which kept us home instead of doing more driving practice. Hopefully she will feel better today.
Amanda is enjoying her down time and I have appreciated her help here. This week it is time to get rolling again with her list of things to prepare for the fall semester. Meetings to schedule, letters to request and opportunities to research to keep the next two years on track. 
Work this week saw some in-person time with one of our out-of-town editors and a photo shoot. While I love that we can all work from home for our company, sometimes actual time with people can feel very good. I received some reassurance about how I am doing and learned that my craft skills are respected. I remember joking on Facebook a few years ago about finding a job as a craft collector, and to some degree, I have done exactly that. There is still more to learn, and duties are shifting, and I love what I am doing.
Craft time was spent teaching, spinning, and knitting. I taught a learn to knit class at The Loopy Ewe on Friday. Their big news is that they are moving to Loveland at the end of February. Spinning saw the start of the spin-along and I have about half an ounce of my combed Merino on one of my Russian spindles. Serra's Sith Lord robe is still in the works. I have about six more inches for it to reach the floor and the sleeves to complete. I have a feeling more yarn is going to be needed soon. Four more hexagons have been added to the Starflower pile. I am considering adding a skein of natural to the mix as I want it to be a large blanket. 
As for me, it has been a good week. Understanding that I shape my world with the thoughts and words I speak to the Universe. Even if I put my foot in my mouth on some of them. Loving that there is always more to learn and that it can be about anything. Food, music, language, craft, there is so much out there. And then being able to share that with others that you connect with and have grown with over time. I am amazed at how there is still so much more to share and understand. 
Next week! School, rehearsals, and driving for Serra, and jumping into life again for Amanda. Me? More of this, of being and feeling that I am in the right place and creating the path. Breathe, dream, hope, feel, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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