An all over the place kind of week

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Yes I know it's early as the sun is just peeking over the edge of the sky into my window. It's hard to sleep when someone you know is getting on a plane and you are hoping for safe travels. I think spring has finally arrived in my little corner of the Fort as this date of the year is usually one of the snowiest and there is none in sight.
What did we do this week? It's interesting how from a practical standpoint time is a constant. We have the same amount of it every week yet some fly by and others feel like an eternity. This week was one of those. Serra had it fairly easy. It was district testing week. She had two normal days, a day with a band rehearsal, a day taking the PSAT and a day off. Makes for a jumbled schedule and not quite knowing what day it is! We spent part of the day out with errands and lunch at her favorite restaurant on Saturday. 
Amanda is in the final push on the semester with the project for one of her classes currently taking all of her time. Being a regular at one of the coffeehouses on campus has its perks as they treated her to a latte on a particularly rough day. Thankfully the project will finish up the class as it does not have a final. One other project and two finals will wrap up the semester.
Crafts this week saw time doing a little bit of everything again. A set of tea towels is coming along on Susan, Flynn is almost finished with a dyed warp and the third ounce of Opal is done.
Part of my order from Redfish Dyeworks was some 120/2 silk in black to ply this with. Hoping to create a pair of shawls that complement each other using the Opal and Diamond skeins. Should be fun!
The latest issue of PieceWork is available online and will be on newsstands in a couple of weeks. Along with my usual responsibilities I helped out with some crochet in this one. 
As for me this week was steady. I'm trying to do less worrying and more being in the moment. Harder to manage than you would think when planning finances for the future. A little bit of talk about living one's truth, something I have been learning over the past few years. At the end of the day the only person you have to live with is yourself. It is a lot easier to sleep at night when you put your authentic self out into the world regardless of how anyone else takes it. There's also only so much you can bottle up and hide within yourself until something, possibly everything decides to blow. 
Next week! Concert band state competition Tuesday for Serra along with a car wash fundraiser on Saturday. More crafts and learning about everything from computers to life. Breathe, let go, find your truth, Love, dream and I'll be back next week ;)

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