An anniversary and an announcement

Well how to begin this blog post....

We've reached the one year mark.  One year ago this month my husband passed and life changed, what some of you may not know is that the exact day was also my birthday.  While my 41st was difficult, facing events and a decision I never thought I would have to make my 42nd was peaceful.  One thing that I found hard to do at the time was to not be upset with myself for the year that has passed.  Rather than looking back at the time spent and thinking that I needed to be farther along this path I told myself to focus on the positive.  So how did I spend the year?  I wrote two patterns for Yarn Crush, self published three of my own to Ravelry, and had two published with PieceWork, one of which was featured on the cover.  I took a chance with the French Nest Open Air Market and fell in love with my looms and weaving again.  What was most important that all three of did this year was to heal.  To be able to take the time to learn what our new normal is and I'm glad that we took it.  Death stops life for only one person, and while we remember, smile and pay tribute as we all see fit, life does change and move on.


Last week before Thanksgiving if you follow me on Facebook I promised you a happy announcement this week. I am beyond thrilled and happy to tell you that my woven scarves are now on display for sale at the Blue Moose Art Gallery and Gifts here in Fort Collins!

I took in some of my work in October to have it juried and hopefully accepted and it has been. Deb and Cathy are the owners there and have a beautiful shop inside with a great variety of art available. They also host classes taught by the different artists and have a featured artist every month. At these events you can go in and talk to them to learn about their work. For December and this time of gift giving they are having a featured artist every day! I will be there Thursday December 7th from 10-4 with my little traveling loom demonstrating how it works and talking about some of the techniques that I've come up with.
One of the biggest lessons I'm trying to learn is patience. Just like one of my pieces this handcrafted life takes time and effort, it can't be rushed, but this? This is a step, a tremendous step, and step after step it will all come together :)

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