Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the leaves are coming in on the tree outside my window. I think, that along with the month of May, spring has arrived in Colorado. However, the Mets do come to town in a couple of weeks and our state has a tendency to greet the team with snow. 
What did we do this week? It was a full one. Serra had her usual extra rehearsals, a make-up exam in math, and took her AP Psychology exam. Last night was also Prom! She and her four friends got dressed up and attended along with having a sleepover. I guess we will see how much fun she had and if she got any sleep later on this morning! Three of her four classes are also connected with the local community college, which is wrapping up the semester, leaving her with a very quiet end to the school year. 
Amanda took care of the essay that she was required to write for her semester away and has been keeping up on the gossip at RPI. This was move out weekend for the spring semester and it looks like there will be some changes to the staff that she worked with as an RA. All good ones in her mind. She also found a concert for us to attend. We spent Thursday evening at Fiddler's Green to see Fame on Fire, Bad Omens, I Prevail, and Godsmack.
A bit of sun, sore muscles for Serra from head banging and a really good time. 
Work was different this week as we spent two days in conference and in person to discuss one of the titles. One of them needs a bit of TLC as there have not been updates made to it over the years, especially in the last four with becoming a part of Long Thread Media. It was a great learning experience about brand construction and a relief that the majority of us want to stay true to the roots of how it started. I really don't want it to become Vogue Jr, yes that is a fear in my mind, and will do my part to find the stories and support community of the brand in what we do.
Crafts saw some time spinning and knitting. I know that I shouldn't start another fiber on the wheel with three spindle projects going but I couldn't help myself. Little Lou is working on a braid of BFL/silk with magenta, purple, green, and blue in it, rich jewel tone colors. I have yet to decide if I will chain ply to keep the colors distinct or to ply it back on itself. For knitting I finished the sample for a new Loopy class coming in the fall. If you are local, interested in beginning lace and a bit of stripe management keep your eyes on their website. I plan to block and deliver it to the shop this week. 
As for me, wow what a week! It has been busy, emotional, sleepless, and also engaging, strengthening and loving. A word that stuck with me some this week is: anomaly. The definition of anomaly is "something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected." I don't particularly think that I am one considering anyone could pick up a book and learn the same things that I have over the years, the same way that I have. Yet I was given the impression this week that I am one. I know there are others out there that are just as skilled as I am, and I want their voices to be heard. Maybe I am outside the expected. I know I live a different life than most, studying handcrafts, going to metal concerts, finding love in the simple things. Or maybe it is time that the world begins to recognize that each of us are different and start to rejoice in our diversity.
Next week! Rehearsals, concerts, blocking, and hopefully some sleep catch up for all of us. Breathe, shine, rest, be, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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