Another one off the Loom

See?  I am trying to get better at this writing and sharing thing!  I still don't understand hashtags but you can also find me on instagram as threaded_dream.

Looks like peaceful Sunday mornings are when I have time to type so let's get started

Lately I've been trying to build an inventory to have for sales, be it with starting an online shop or to join local craft events here in the Fort.  My loom is very handy with this because with weaving once you get past dressing it weaving is the easy and fun part.




Here are the latest two scarves to come off of Rapunzel, yes my loom has a name and considering with tencel my favorite weaving medium, I use a comb to detangle the strands it's very appropriate.  With the purple piece you can see a white piece of card stock woven in.  No, it does not stay in the piece.  When I submitted and the Doctor Who scarf for HandWoven I had to keep meticulous notes on the process and had enough warp to weave a small sample to keep for myself.  This has influenced me to start a weaving journal where I keep notes on the project and purposely measure out a bit extra on my warp so that I can keep a sample of the finished piece.

Here's the next warp ready and waiting to start.  I pulled the colors from Van Gogh's Starry Night and it has given me the inspiration to find two more of his paintings to do the same with for the start of an artists' series of scarves.

Where do you find inspiration to create?

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