Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I have a different window to view the day out of this morning as yesterday's sleepover moved locations in the wee hours. The tree outside seems to be holding its breath in anticipation of spring. Smart tree has been in this location longer than I have and knows to be patient this time of year.
What did we do this week? Amanda has been working on her capstone project. One member of her group is great and the two of them have been on the same page the entire semester. They spent part of the week molding ballistic jelly for their prototype. The other two members have not been communicating well or making meetings which makes for a very difficult project, especially when they are building a proof-of-concept model for an actual company. Her adventure for the week was being out in the winter storm that hit the area yesterday. She is accustomed to snow, ice underneath it? Not so much. Thankfully she made it home all be it later than intended last night.
Serra shared more stories of France in between naps over the two additional days she needed after the trip. It wasn't jet lag. We think she caught a stomach bug on the last day of the trip that took her down hard on arrival. Lots of crackers and chicken broth have gotten her back to her bubbly self. I hope the charged lemonades hanging out yesterday don't set her back. Jazz rehearsals. a concert and a makeup stats exam await her this week.
Work saw the latest issue of Little Looms hit the newsstands. This was a blast to shoot and the editor had been wanting to have a medieval inspired issue for some time. This week will see a chunk of writing for me on PieceWork and Farm and Fiber Knits
Crafts saw more time spent on hexies and the start of a new design. I finished another skein's worth, and it looks like I am almost to the halfway point. Each skein is netting eleven hexies and I plan on using seventeen skeins. Yes, it is going to be massive which is exactly what I want. The new design is a simple one skein project in Dream in Color, Smooshy with Cashmere. The only trouble with teaching in a yarn shop is that you see and feel so much pretty yarn! Case in point, Little Squirrel Yarn is creating limited edition sock sets for each month this year. I missed out on January and February but had to swoop in on March and April.
I have no plan yet for either of these, however the March set, named Sunshine and Clover, is screaming to be mitts. Plus, how can you pass up a set of yarn named Pluviophile?! One of these might be just perfect for my upcoming travel knitting. 
Flynn also got dressed in a twill of silk.
Guess I did more crafting than I thought this week.
As for me, it was a good week. I had a few manic moments jumping back in after the indulgent, relaxing week for spring break. There were a couple of times that I deliberately had to slow down and not overrun myself with the thought of trying to get everything done immediately. Life doesn't work like that. Everything is happening at its proper pace, and I need to settle myself into it. Even with everything going on and this big year of change, I am unbelievably happy, and I don't know if I have ever felt this good.
This week! The last one in March. Man, where has the year gone? Already finished with the first quarter. More of the same along with learning some patience from my tree friend. Breathe, smile, feel, root, stretch, grow, Love, embrace the wait, and I'll be back next week :)

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