Back to basics

Good Morning Everyone! Little bit groggy with the day yesterday and good old daylight savings time happening. What happened yesterday? Glad you asked ;) We spent the day at the Northern Colorado Science Olympiad Regional where Serra was a competitor. The easiest way to explain Science O is as a track and field meet for Science. There are building events, practical events and study events. Each one has its own rules and time block and the event runs all day. Amanda and I found a quiet alcove to set up our home base complete with comfy chairs, projects and snacks where we were out of the way and could people watch.


After all of the scores were tallied in the various events for both the middle schools and high schools involved Serra placed 7th in Anatomy running solo, 5th in Heredity, and 1st in Crime Busters!! Overall her team placed 2nd which qualifies them for State next month. Very proud of this young lady as we had to convince her that she would be good at it and have fun.

Serra's biggest concern with participating was, "What if I fail?" To her my response was "You only fail if you don't try" Sometimes getting this crafting life going and believing in yourself is hard. You look back at a week where you feel as though you hardly got anything done and think "What am I doing with myself?" But then I saw Serra in shock yesterday after winning the event she loves the most and if she can do it so can I.

In a venture like this you get lots of input from various sources that all have different views on what they think you should be doing. The advice given is heartfelt and with the best intentions. However sometimes it can also be overwhelming and cloud what you believe your vision to be. Been doing some thinking and it's time to refocus on what my vision is for this and the future. So I'm going back to basics and the things that got me started on this path. It's time to make some deadlines and get rolling. I hope you do something for you this week to make up for the lost hour today and promise to have those new pieces up in the shop soon :)

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