Back to basics

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Sun is shining bright and happy outside my window. As per usual in the Fort the snow is here today and gone tomorrow. I will happily take two days of snow and cold when the trade off is five that are bright and sunny. Stomped around in it a bit this week and was surprised at how good it felt to get outdoors.
What else were we up to last week? Amanda completed her first round of tests for the semester and things are looking good. She also completed the first round of interviews to become a calculus mentor for next semester. Yes she fully admits to being a total math nerd especially considering she's planning on taking advanced calculus in the fall! Things are going well for Serra as well. Her school is still in phase 3 which is in person two days a week. She personally would love to move to phase 4 but that is only because her friend group goes opposite days to her. Hoping some time outdoors today with a friend helps in that regard. Teachers in our area have been moved up on the vaccine list and have started receiving shots which makes me very happy. 
As for crafts this week the massive project made it into the mail and I finished the writing on it yesterday. I have another quick project to whip out this week which shouldn't be a problem as I've knitted it in my head several times over the last two weeks. The math is done and now it's just cranking it out. Projects for me to relax with have been spinning.
Full spindle
I finished spinning an ounce of camel/silk that I purchased from Greenwood Fiberworks on one of my Christmas dragon spindles from John Galen. In that same vein my purchase that I teased last week arrived early!
kick spindle
This is a kick spindle or mother marion. I have been lusting after the folding one made by True Creations for a while but wanted to try one before spending that much. This one was made by J.P. Jensen and I'm told it is the twin to the one used in this Spin Off article. Price was too good to pass on it so I jumped. Going to be a bit of a learning curve but I'm excited to try something new.
As for me this week was a couple of revelations and a reminder. I've always had a productivity complex and when I don't accomplish more each progressive day I beat myself up over it. Why I'm this way I have no idea. I think now I'm going to fall back to a list system and so long as things on that day or week's list are done I'll let myself relax. Not only will I pace myself better but maybe I won't be so hard on myself as well. I also realized that when I set things up production style it doesn't happen. Got a wonderful reminder that what I do is ART. My creativity isn't to just make things and put them out there but that each piece is unique and has its own character. I create because it is a part of my nature and to not do it is to deny a part of myself. Making is not the same as creating and I think I had fallen into that mindset. 
This week! A little bit of everything but mostly getting back to why I do this. Breathe, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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