Back to routine

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Moving a little slow here today after a heavy NyQuil induced sleep. Probably didn't need the help and it's going to take a bit to shake the grogginess. Felt good to sleep through the night and I can breathe this morning which is a good thing.
What did we do this week? Amanda had her Circuits exam that she is waiting for results on. Professor said it would only be two questions and ended up being three. Her paperwork for the Co-term application for next year is almost ready and she's been having a good time with friends. I need to get in gear on a package for her as she is missing her green chile.
Quiet week for Serra with more work on Frankenstein and another AP Bio exam. Hard to believe the quarter ends in only two weeks. AP Bio goes into one of her favorite topics of study, genetics and gene expression. She probably could teach the unit herself. The next book for English class? The Princess Bride. To say she is excited is an understatement. This is the most engaging English class she has ever had, and I think it's great.
Quieter week with work taking care of web posts and emails. Spring is slowly getting to the copy editor and Summer files will be arriving soon. Need to use some the quiet to work ahead considering the last two weeks of October are going to be busy with shoots and SOAR.
Craft time has been spent on the Summer project. I also finished a quick spin on Little Lou that needs plying. It was a good break from all of the knitting I did yesterday. I have also been spending some time back in the studio each day and Flynn is making some progress on a dyed warp. It feels good to be doing little bits again. 
As for me, it was a rollercoaster of a week. I had planned for some physical and emotions things to hit over the previous weekend, and they stretched into the week instead. Made for a rocky start that thankfully smoothed out by Thursday. I am at another resting place in the path again. Time to breathe, I have been told to stop and enjoy things for a spell, before I throw myself too hard at life again. Considering there is going to be a lot of change in the next year, I think I can stay here for a bit.
Next week! Is it terrible to say more of the same? We are in the routine phase again and while it might not be exciting it is comforting. Life is in all of the moments, most often the quiet ones. Breathe, rest, believe, be, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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