Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It is still an unusual weather July. The days are hot as they should be, yet the nights are cool enough to sleep, an added blessing. I'm sure the thunderstorms we had this week helped with that as well.
What were we up to this week? Serra has been learning the limits with her social battery and sleep. Not one but two sleepovers took place this week. I really don't know why parents call these events sleepovers because that is the last thing that happens at them! Her social battery dried up at thirty hours after the Thursday one. She came home Friday evening, ate, promptly fell asleep at 730 and is still trying to catch up. Hosting friend is moving to Wisconsin this week, so it was good to let her soak it all in. 
Amanda had a quiet last week of Bridge mentoring. One of the biggest lessons the students learned was not to wake her up being noisy in the wee hours of the morning. Long day of travel back today to spend a couple of weeks with us before the semester begins. 
The week was a bit of blur for me with a very distracted head. A photo shoot that was going to keep me busy got rescheduled so work was a bit weird. I did get ahead on web and spring files will start keeping me busy next week. 
Crafts saw some time designing and a lot of spinning taking place. I find spinning is the one I gravitate towards when my mind is overactive, and I think too much. In fact, I finished the fourth spindle of Merino.
I have ten ounces in total and eight spindles. The plan is to spin one more ounce and then ply them to free up the spindles for the following five ounces. New design is still talking that it's not quite right, so I changed the motif and plan to eliminate some of the holes. Even though the colorway I have has been discontinued, I am still going to use it for the project. Color plays almost as big of a role in my thought process as the knitting does so changing what I am seeing doesn't make sense to me. 
As for me, I created a rough roller coaster that I shouldn't have and take responsibility for. The week started beautiful and picked up without missing a beat even if it was too short. After that, I did way too much overthinking, yet it sparked honest conversation. Yes, this has prompted more thinking that is better and not driven by feelings of self-doubt. Might be a Thanosian viewpoint saying that life is balance. Self vs family, work vs play, friends vs home. Being in balance, do we then say that we are happy? What is the definition of happy anyway? It could mean different things to different people. Maybe happy is the brief instance of time the plate spinner breathes before the next pole needs a turn and being able to value those moments creates a happy life. Maybe happy is the lack of worry, the stability that security brings. I know I am still working on my stability. Biggest part of that is acknowledging that little bits every day are what's needed instead of a massive shift all at once. 
This week! Routine for Serra, time with Amanda, spring files for me. There are also appointments to keep, Senior photos to take and maybe some other plans as well. Breathe, peace, celebrate, Love, be. Take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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