Balancing bookshelves

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Chilly and sunny in my corner of the Fort which is usual this time of year. Time to pull out the cozy slippers and snuggly blankets. I'm a little slow today with some rough sleep last night but hopefully that will get corrected this week.
What did we do this week? Serra had a bit of a rough one with a couple of days out of class. Thankfully she is not behind on her schoolwork, and we were able to talk out some things she has been holding in. There are only so many books your shelf can hold and hers was past its breaking point. Only seven and a half more days of school on the semester but a very busy week with rehearsals and concerts.
Amanda survived her insane week of three exams and a paper. She has only a couple more things to take care of to be finished with her junior year of college. To celebrate the end of classes, she took the day off yesterday and went on adventures. I know that there will come a point when she is wholly on her own however getting a bedtime text that she was home was a welcome blessing. She has an interview Monday for a possible internship. Fingers crossed that it goes well so that she can remove a book from her shelf.
Work was an odd one this week as I know I did things yet feel as though I didn't accomplish anything. Lots to do this week to prepare for limbo week when the offices are closed. There is also a photo shoot to gather items for and a bit of tatting to do. As for crafts I was able to complete my combing project. 
I started with 400 grams of unwashed Merino fiber. After washing and combing I have these lovely three bags that weigh a total of 284 grams and another smaller bag with combing waste containing 84 grams. The combing waste is not really waste as I can card it to remove the noils and create cloud to spin. I do know that the combed fiber will be spun as laceweight with no idea of what it will become after that. Another project off of my shelf.
As for me, it was a solid week. I've been dealing with some physical discomfort that will get checked out and holiday plans are taking shape, different than in years passed and I am surprised to be looking forward to them. Life feels good and the only thing I desire is more time with those I love. 
Next week! Rehearsals and two concerts for Serra, I have got to remember how to tie a tie. Interview and one final for Amanda along with freshmen to console and send home. Doctor's appointment, extra bits for work to be able to enjoy the holiday and a chunk of housework for me. Breathe, gratitude, hope, joy, Love, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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