Be Still

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's cold but clear in my little corner of the Fort with a bright blue sky and no storms to be seen. Unlike this past week that saw seven inches of snow and very cold temperatures. It is the norm for things here, two days of messy weather for three days of sun. Stepped out my back door this morning as I do every day and saw a new friend as well.
They were very quiet and still, simply enjoying the morning rather than rushing as the hare in the story always is.
What did we do this last week? Serra turned sixteen on Monday! We had a great time out for lunch and had a quiet day at home. She has a bit of my need to rush ahead but I assured her that she is exactly where she is supposed to be at this point in life. Friday and today will be spent with the TV crew as she has somehow become a member of the filming team.
Amanda is cruising along at school. She's at the point in the semester where two things get crossed off the to do list and three more get added. The storm that started here and was predicted to drop a foot on her netted a whole four inches of snow. The trick out there however was the extra inch of rain and ice underneath the snow that she is not accustomed to. 
Crafts this week saw time with Susan getting warped with the commissioned scarf along with finishing the first ounce of Opal.
I've also been working on another cross stitch, doing a bit of tatting and was given a crafting challenge by a friend last night. Challenges are always fun!
As for me it was a solid week. Strange to see that January is already over and grateful that I work from home. Something I am still learning is pace. Every other job I have worked before has been at breakneck speed. Retail and production bakeries just want things done and the customer happy. With my new position I am learning that it is better to take the extra time to understand all of the angles and how the pieces fit together.
The signs to slow down have been all around me and talking lately. My meditation sandbox says, "be still" on top of it. Much like my bunny friend this morning. I read this line in my current novel of choice, "The past is a dream, the future is a dream. There is only the now." The week's mantra has been "right here" a reminder every time that I have gotten wound up to breathe and be right here in the moment. This is something I have always been aware of the need for however I am putting in conscious effort now.
This week! Is it really February?! A full week for Serra is in store along with weaving a scarf and finishing the warp on Flynn. Breathe, Be Here, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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