Being in the moment

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It looks cold and blustery with the wind whipping in the remaining fall leaves around on the patio. I haven't risked poking out my bare toes yet to see just how chilly it is. I do know that having lunch out on a patio in December as I did this last week is very unusual!
How was the week? The calendar has turned to December even though the weather disagrees. Serra had a quiet week and I believe is simply counting down the days left of math class. Only ten more to go. This week we have her holiday concert to attend.
Amanda is climbing onboard the snowball that is beginning to roll down the hill to finish the semester. Three finals, two projects and creating Calculus Jeopardy for her mentor students is keeping her busy the next couple of weeks.
As for crafts this week time was spent recovering from the Artisan Market and spending the evening weaving with Flynn at Dandelions and Rust for the First Friday Art Walk in Old Town. I also accepted my first commissioned scarf! Teaching continues at The Loopy Ewe and the new schedule for classes will be available soon. Work is going great and my project this week is weaving! Yes, I am weaving samples for a photo shoot happening this week. It's tough to call it work when I'm enjoying everything I'm doing as much as I am.
As for me, the week was good. It was full of thinking and realizing various things. Life lately has been diving down into my core, finding what is authentic and shedding things that are not. I love where I am right now. I am in sync with the Universe, and it feels good, no impatience or need to rush things. That also doesn't mean I am stagnate. A friend from a past life turns 50 today and I am thinking about my own goals, what I want to be doing and where I want to be when I reach that milestone. Yet you can't think too far ahead as you might not get tomorrow. A dear soul that has been dealing with increasingly deteriorating health with no answers for many years is contemplating his transition and stage left exit. Even with everything he has faced physically he is still pouring light and love out into the world. I hope this last stretch is gentle for him. It's all about being in the moment and finding yourself.
Next week! Prepping for photo shoots and helping with shipping for work. A band concert, a commission to plan out and always more living and learning. Breathe, share how you feel, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;) 

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