Being your own cheerleader

Good Morning! When I woke up today I didn't really have anything to talk about but then hopping onto social media got the juices flowing. I've seen a lot of negative thoughts about making a living off of handicrafts and how and when to invest money into a business. I ran into some of the investing thoughts last week when I looked at the workshop listings for Interweave Yarn Fest. Something that I've always wanted to try is tablet weaving and just so happens that John Mullarkey the master is going to be here. Instead of instantly adding the class to my cart and squeeing with joy I debated with myself over the investment. How often will I use the skills in my own art? I know the instructor doesn't get as much of the class fees that he should for his time and knowledge, is it fair to him? Luckily being near Interweave headquarters I don't have to spend on lodging and who knows when or if he'll be back again? To quote Phedre no Delaunay "All knowledge is worth having." and yes I'm excited to be taking Mr. Mullarkey's course. Running a business means spending money and time investing in it. Many of the crafters that I follow had to start somewhere just like I am doing now.

In my efforts, I have two cheerleaders. One I met about 13 years ago when I learned to weave at Lambspun. She is following her own creative journey as well, we bounce ideas off of each other and encourage each other in different ways. The other has remarkably put up with me for 25 years. We've been through the roller coaster of life, ups and downs and yet he still believes in my art and what I'm trying to do. He may not understand everything I say when I go off on the shaping of a pattern or my excitement over 60/2 silk but he's there. Thing of it is, even with this great support and love from my friends if I don't believe in what I am doing and where I am going, it will never happen. So, that is where my efforts are going to go, into believing that I can do this.

Happy crafting to each of you and I hope you find the positive in your life this week :) 

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