Big thoughts

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I don't know if it is good or bad to have a consistent body clock that manages to wake me up just before the alarm goes off. However, just like the sun I crawled back into the covers and took my time making an appearance. 
What did we do this week? It was the last week of classes for Amanda. She had a presentation for one class, an exam in finite elements, and in another her group finally got their robot to move. A paper to turn in today will finish off the class with the presentation and she is thrilled to be done with it. Originally for next semester she was going to move a class, and then chose not to as the professor she's had the most trouble with this go around is the instructor. One final on the 19th and the semester is done. She has been accepted to one grad school for next year and all of her letters of rec have been received for the other. Fingers crossed they decide quickly. Today is going to be spent helping a friend that cooks and donates food for a local shelter and visiting a restaurant that claims they make authentic Mexican.
Serra had a bumpy week. It's never a good sign when I get a text asking if she can come home from school after the first class on a Tuesday. Four days later after a ton of sleep and tylenol she was back to her bouncy self Friday afternoon. No fever or other symptoms to speak of. Simply exhaustion and body aches for four solid days. She normally takes Saturdays off to chill so today will be spent catching up from the week. Thing is, a whole week of school might take her four hours today.
Plenty of meetings for work this past week kept things busy. I did some swatch knitting to take some photos for a web post that I still have to write and need to do some tatting this week as I can't find a previous project. Good thing I am the one that made it. Fingers crossed that Spring makes it out the door on Monday. This week there's a photo shoot and prep for being out over limbo week.  
Craft time was spent weaving, knitting and spinning. I spent a bit of time with Flynn working to finish off the current warp. A couple more hexies were added to the box along with some rows into the basic shawl project as it is a good meeting knit. Rumple and I finished a braid.
Yes, this is the same fiber I was spinning a few weeks ago. This will get chain plied soon, I hope, and I will be writing about what I did with the braid for Spin Off.
As for me it has been an unexpectedly emotional week. Receiving news of a friend's passing generally will do that. Mix in worry over a sick kid and feeling greedy for wanting time for myself will do that. Waterworks have appeared constantly over the last few days. Life is such a fine balance. Work and plan for a future that might never come. Live in the moment and take time for yourself yet every action must be productive. How does someone break out of that? What is considered productive? Is something that feels indulgent yet feeds my soul in unexplainable ways lazy or a form a self-care? Am I the only one that wonders if I have done enough in my eighteen-hour day for it to be considered good? All of these different things you are supposed to take care of on a daily basis, yet how much do they really matter at the end of everything? I know, big thoughts.
What is in store this week? It's a busy one with the year-end events. Two band concerts and a photo shoot will make it a full one. Breathe, be, steady yourself, Love, soak in every moment, and I'll be back next week :)

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