Breaking the soil

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am catching up on a few of my Saturday chores that didn't get done along with enjoying the sunshine. Weather here in a my little corner is having a hard time deciding what season to be! Hail on Tuesday, crazy cold nights Thursday and Friday and bright sunshine with the heat off and door open for Saturday. Just the usual Colorado weather.
What did we do this week? For Serra it was a busy one. Her first concert was Wednesday and went great. It was the first time back in the PAC since March of 2020. Then it was Amanda and her cohorts on the stage. I don't know as many of the kids as I did then but the joy at being able to have a concert again was amazing. She recorded her jazz audition and got it turned in. They are planning to have two groups and Serra simply wants to play. Friday night was the last home football game of the season and the band left at halftime due to an early call time Saturday for a competition. I wonder how many football parents are going to call and complain to the principal that they weren't there. Lots of energy expended for a kid that prefers quiet so she deserves getting to sleep in today.
Amanda is still cruising on campus and busting out her classes. Her hockey team is 0-2 but the Red Sox started the season the same way and they are now in the ALCS. Teaching calculus is one of the highlights of the semester for her. They may not have Mexican food out there but she did try Indian this last week so good for her on the new experiences. 
Flynn is slowly getting dressed. Warp is threaded and wound on. All that's left is denting and tying to the front beam and he will be ready for the Artisan Show in November.
This a colorway I am calling Indian Sari. It has four different shades of red in it and will be woven with a yellow weft for contrast. I am hoping to also get Rapunzel and Susan going again to have more for the show.
Played a little bit on Saturday with my bobbin lace.
I haven't been doing much with it and it is one of those skills that is going to take the 20 minute per day theory to improve upon. Learning and knowing lots of different crafts is helping with work too. I have two crochet projects that need to get started and written in the coming weeks.
As for me on the whole it was a good week. A couple of bumps here and there with a day that was overwhelming and blue but I got both sorted out with detailing work responsibilities and creating connection. It feels like the Universe said "Okay you did good with waiting here's your abundance now." It's a lot at times simply because life was slower but this feels like where I am supposed to be. Maybe the last five years were my time as a planted seed and now I am breaking the soil.
Next week! More of everything! Crochet and weaving primarily along with a quiet week for Serra and maybe a trip to the movies, Dune deserves the big screen. Breathe, soak in the quiet, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;) 

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