Breathing and a peek into a project

Good morning! Last week saw some extremely cold temperatures here in the Fort along with an extreme lack of sleep for myself. Sleep is sometimes a struggle for me, possibly a hold over from working nights cake decorating and taking care of Amanda during the day just after she was born. I was severely sleep deprived for a year and a half so not getting good rest now hurts more. Of course when you don't get proper rest or take care of yourself everything is hypersensitive. To keep myself from overreacting to normal life I did a lot of deep breathing and kept a portion of Desiderata in my head. Didn't realize that I grew up with the poem. When I was younger Mom made a plaque for my grandfather with the words on it. Friends gave me this version before I made the connection. Finally sleep and I became friends again Friday and I think I've caught up the last two nights.
What have I been doing this week?! Spent a good chunk of time doing this: 
Measured my warp, there's almost 500 strands of silk 
After threading the heddles, winding onto the back of the loom, and threading the reed comes tying it on the front with my modified gardening gloves. Learned last summer that fine threads can cut you!

Waste thread woven in to spread the warp. After the piece comes off the loom this will be removed.

And now the pattern!

The fiber is 60/2 silk from Redfish Dyeworks. I first found her at the Interweave Yarn Fest  a few years ago and couldn't resist her colors and fibers.

So some of you non-fiber people are saying "what does 60/2 mean?" The first number comes from taking your thread and wrapping it around a ruler laying the threads gently next to each other and then counting how many fit in one inch, in this case 60. The higher the number, the smaller the thread. The second number comes from how many strands the thread is made of. Looking at a cut end and fraying it some you can see the ply or strands in the thread, in this case 2. As for the pattern I was dinking around online and printed off a photo of a draft pattern that I liked. At the moment I have about 15" finished as 30 passes of the shuttle nets about 1" of cloth.

This next week shows some business work, yarn to dye and a basketball doubleheader to watch the pep band. Have a good week and do something loving for you :) 

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