Bumpy start

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am still trying to shake off the cobwebs of crash and burn kind of sleep that I didn't expect after waking up at 430 this morning. I am glad the wind didn't reek too much havoc here last night as my tree friend out front has decided spring is here with lots of buds. Mother Nature isn't too sure yet as the temperatures were all over the place.
What did we do this week? Amanda has been taking care of RA duties with being on call once last week and over the weekend. Somehow the freshmen this year have been extremely well behaved and not caused any trouble. Very different from her summer session where a fire department visit was a weekly occurrence. Her big excitement was feeling the earthquake that shook New Jersey. She said the ground shook for fifteen seconds and that it was very strange!
Serra had a rough week with being out sick again. We thought it was just too much cheese with dinner Tuesday night and were completely wrong. Three days of sleep and chicken broth finally got her put back together. I'm lucky that she is good with her homework and has everything possible caught up before tomorrow. I can tell she is feeling better because she was wide awake at 630 am to get ready to hang out with friends today.
Work was a stressful one last week with worry over a package that we thought had gotten lost. Thankfully it was simply misplaced and has now properly been taken care of. Needless to say, I was terrified and had a couple of bad days worrying over it. A two-day photo shoot will be calm next week in comparison! 
Crafts were a little slower this week with the massive amount of anxiety. Roy and I did some spinning, and I realized the current round on my tatting was wrong. A bit of a trim to restart and I am going again. Released two new knitters into the wild on Saturday and took inventory on my stock of hand-dyed yarn. It will be coming off the website soon so if you see something you like, snag it quick. I am trying to figure out a redesign and how to get this business thing moving and working. 
As for me, sleep and rest were the two things that worked well this week. I don't know if it was the sheer amount of anxiety or if I am beginning to slow down as I actually did nothing during the evening on a couple of nights. I'm sure there's someone that can count on one hand the number of times that has happened before. I know I need to relax but I also don't feel secure and that makes it hard to. Maybe someday I will have it figured out.
Next week! More routine for Amanda as the semester is wrapping up. Back to school for Serra with the hope of going all week. Two-day shoot to run, a couple of days of meetings and class to teach for me. Breathe, be, believe, Love, listen when the Universe tells you to slow down, and I'll be back next week :) 

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