By any other name

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's quiet this morning, the birds aren't even singing outside the window. Maybe they are enjoying the cooler temperatures like I am and staying snuggled in their nests a little bit longer. I found a neat little app called Merlin that is in essence Shazam for bird calls. While it is interesting to find out what kinds live around me I don't need to know their names to enjoy their company.
What did we do this week? Serra conquered the octahedron puzzle cube that was giving her trouble. It rotates differently than standard Rubik's cubes and has triangle versus square blocks. She was a little intimated with it at first but persevered. Good thing I have four more odd-shaped cubes coming this week! Initially I thought one a week would be enough to keep her entertained for the summer. Guess I was wrong. Serra also finished her sewing project. She made a giant weighted stuffed crab that she has named Hernando and she loves him. She did all of the planning, pattern creation, cutting and sewing herself with basic suggestions on construction from me as most of my sewing is embroidery. He has become a much-loved companion.
Amanda celebrated her birthday this week turning the big 2-0! First birthday away from home which I will admit was a little strange for me. I am proud of her for the things that she is doing at school along with how she is learning and doing with being on her own. She is far more comfortable in her own skin than I was at that age. How does a 20-year-old away home for her first birthday celebrate? By taking a big chunk of the day for herself to go have a massive burger at her favorite spot. 
Crafts have been slow this week with adjusting to changes with work. I did finish the cable cowl sample for The Loopy Ewe and will deliver it this week along with the lace shawl sample. The Opal colorway was wound of the bobbin and into a large and lovely skein.
I have an idea for a pattern for both this and the Diamond colorway that I finished earlier but need to get Briony done first! 
Flynn and I spent a little bit of time together during the hockey game last night.
This is the final gradient dyed tencel warp I created last summer. There is enough length for a scarf, cowl and a neckerchief. Inventory needs to be done to see what I have for Art in the Park later this summer. 
As for me it was a good week. While I don't know that I will ever fully relax since I was told that I have always been restless, I was able to put down some weight that I have been carrying and can say that I am happy. Question is what does that mean? The interesting thing about words and labels is that we all have to agree on the definition of them to be able to communicate. When you look at the dictionary happy means "feeling or showing contentment". With that basic of a definition I could say that I wake up happy every day. I think my definition would have to be a little different, "lack of massive worry" comes to mind. There will always be the little day-to-day worries, being able to put down the big long term what am I going to do with the rest of my life worry feels amazing so I am happy. Ran into it again with filling out new paperwork with it asking for marital status. While I don't feel the widow status anymore it also feels extremely weird to say single. I understand that we do need words to define things and people in our lives however some of the best things in my life happen with none of those restrictions or expectations.
Next week! More puzzle cubes for Serra, I am becoming a master scrambler. Studying for Amanda as she has four exams the last week of June. For me? A continued expansion of life and feeling this path. Breathe, glow, dream, be, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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