Can't slow down now

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's clear and cool so far today which is just right for spring. I love having the window open at night to have a bit of chill and be able to snuggle into the covers. Most times it makes for a very restful night of sleep. That was not the case last night. Being wide awake at 130 in the morning without a need to be is unsettling. So instead of a full night’s sleep I got a couple of naps. 
This week! Serra was busy with band things. Tuesday saw both groups at Fossil compete at the CBA State Concert Band Festival. This is kind of like Marching Band in that you have to play at a regional to get invited to it and it is ranked by judges. The similarities end there as the scoring is different. Bands are still scored based on their performance but given a ranking rather than a placing. There is no first, second, third, etcetera. Both Fossil bands received the highest ranking which is a Superior with distinction performance. Friday Serra spent the day on the UNC campus playing in a jazz festival and Saturday saw time at the spring carwash fundraiser. Needless to say, she is still fast asleep.
Amanda is wrapping up the semester well and got an unexpected visit from another Fossil student. Turns out one of the Fossil percussionists that is graduating this year is considering RPI and found her while she was touring with her parents. This next week is a project presentation to give, some presentations to grade as a lab assistant, a paper to write and two finals to prepare for. She'll be home for a couple of weeks and head back out for the summer semester. 
Crafts this week saw time with Susan and the tea towels and Flynn finished the dyed warp. I have one more that I dyed last summer that will get threaded up on him soon. The Loopy Ewe is getting rolling again with the grand reopening scheduled for this coming Saturday. I talked with the new owner yesterday and there is the potential for getting classes going again. At the moment however my concentration needs to be on my job. I want it but need it as well. I have to do better as I am terrified of losing the position.
The week itself saw all sorts of things. Learning more in Photoshop and about image manipulation that I have never done before. High school drama that is much more extreme than Amanda ever dealt with and listening and supporting growth beyond the previous generation for another. There were moments of absolute bliss, joy, learning, worry, relief, and fear. Seventeen hour days where I am still not doing enough and cannot figure out how to relax. That is probably why I was wide awake at 130 am. Maybe someday when I feel secure I’ll be able to. Until then, Breathe, work your tail off, hope, Love, believe and I’ll be back next week ;)

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