Good Morning and Happy Sunday! My little corner of the Fort is bright and sunny in more ways than one. Both the sun and life are shining strong today. Fair warning this is mostly a proud parent post.
It's been a couple weeks to catch up on! Last weekend was a trip to New York for Amanda's graduation. She shared her favorite restaurants, and we spent a day seeing the sights on campus before the big day.
A bagpipe-lead processional, an impromptu speech as the written version did not get uploaded and 1800 students names read lead to this.
Cum Laude Bachelor's of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in Medical Devices. 
The day finished with packing up her room and dinner with friends before winging our way back to the Fort early the next morning. A smooth and busy trip. Next up, for Amanda, the University of Rochester in a short month for more.
This weekend was Serra's turn!
The last ceremony of a busy weekend for the school district that for Fossil alone graduated 548 students, 299 of which completed their studies with honors. 
4.08 GPA, Seal of Biliteracy, Science National Honor Society and World Language Honor Society. August will see her begin her college career at Cedar Crest to study Forensic Science.
Massive understatement to say that I am proud of the two of them as that word is nowhere near big enough for the feelings I have about their accomplishments and their growth as young women. I hope they each stay grounded and authentic to themselves as they continue to spread their wings and soar after more.
As for me, obviously an emotional week that has seen a bit of leakage almost every day. Not in sorrow, in joy. This life is so much fuller than I ever expected, and I am so grateful for it. Thank you, to both those who stayed and those who left. This path would be completely different without those choices. Your love, support and presence are always here. Thank you for helping me find me.
Next week! Some much-needed rest is in order for all three of us. I am going to try to relax and stay in the moment with this one before jumping into plans for the remainder of the summer. Breathe, be, grow, rest, savor, Love, soak in the efforts of the last four years and I'll be back next week :)

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