Hello again!  I know that I said last time I was here back in October that I would get better at this, that I would blog more.  Well it's now March and you can see how much I've been here.  There are times that real life takes precedence over life online.  In November my husband was ill with what we thought was the flu.  It ended up being an infection from an unknown source that caused him to become septic.  Nurses and doctors did everything that they could but it was just too much and after eight days in ICU it was time to let him go.  He was 47.  Do I tell you this to gain your sympathy?  To make you worry for me and my girls?

No.  I tell you this because regardless of gender, color, identification, religion and any other way that you can separate human beings there are two things that we all share: our beginning and our ending.  We are each born and we each die.  What we do with the time in between those two moments is where the value lies.  So I'm going to ask you a question: Are you happy?  If so great!  If not, change it.  I've never feared death, but my perspective as changed.  Life can change in an instant, so why waste it?  In ways, in things, in people who don't respect you, support you or challenge you.  I had a discussion with a friend a couple of weeks ago.  She works a full-time stressful job and was talking about how she had no time to do any of the that she wanted to do.  My reply?  There are 168 hours in a week, you work 40, call it another 50 for sleep, that leaves 78 hours a week to be doing things for you.  I think it rather surprised her.

If you are putting things off because you "don't have time"  who is to say that the time will actually be there when you want it to be?  I used to think like this with this craft adventure, it will happen.  Now I'm going to make it happen.  My goals in life right now are to raise my girls to be strong, independent women and to make Threaded Dream a reality.  To make and live a creative life.  Am I doing this for anyone else?  No, I'm doing it for me.

Life is a journey and I think sometimes we all get too focused on the destination and take the journey for granted.  The journey is what makes the destination all the sweeter.  I have a project, a massive undertaking really, that I call The Tapestry.  I started it in August of 2015 and it will take years to complete.  It brings me back to myself one stitch at a time, showing me the beauty of the process, life should be the same way.  Don't ignore the wonder of today to finish the goal of tomorrow.

So, that is where I am now four months after my life and that of my daughters took  an unexpected route.  Things are different but we're good.  Threaded Dream is going to get there, one project, one pattern, one step at a time.  I hope to see the beauty of it the whole way.  :)

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