Changes and breathing

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's cold but clear in my little corner of the Fort today. Even though my sinuses are horribly dry with the lack of moisture in the air it felt cleansing to stand out in the breeze. I've been trying to take more deep breaths this week as well.
What did we do this week? Serra made it to four of the five days of class so I will call that a win. She heard back from a professor at a university she is interested in for a school career project and hopefully will be able to have an interview with her this week about the field of Forensic Science. Serra is extremely interested in crime scene analysis and the lab work that goes into solving crimes. Wild to think that is it is too early to research various schools until I realize that she graduates in two years. "The days are long, but the years are short."--Gretchen Rubin. 
Amanda is clicking along out in New York. Some deadlines and tests are coming up this next week. She has a busy Sunday today with homework, teaching and Society of Women Engineers meeting. Thankfully a class that she was dreading because of its group nature is turning out to be a good one. That is if they can find a way to do their semester project without getting too hung up on algae. She's gaining some experience in the biology lab that she loves and making good connections with professors for future letter and reference purposes. One of the big things I'm proud of her for is being authentic and not dealing with people that fake caring for her, the things she is interested in or acting like they want her around when they don't involve her when she's there.
Crafts this week saw time with Susan to get the commissioned scarf finished. Next it's on to finishing the fringe along with washing and ironing. Also a bit of sad news this week as The Loopy Ewe where I have been teaching knitting classes is closing. It sounds like it is simply a change in focus as the owner is still going to operate a cross stitch shop. Thankfully they are willing to hand out my business cards so that people can still find me. To that end I will be adding a new web page soon to offer classes and maybe extend that out into other things such as crochet and weaving as well. Something to think about. Work saw a photo shoot this past week for an upcoming issue and the latest Handwoven is out on newsstands. Things are better there as I am figuring out my pacing.
As for me this week, most of it felt like nails on a chalkboard. Serra staying home Monday kicked off a massive anger response in me that snowballed as the week progressed. Took a couple of things the wrong way and had to make a conscious effort to let them go. From the way it felt this week I think anger comes from the lizard brain, that instinctual gut response when we are not in our elevated form. There are also things I cannot control so why get angry about them? I marvel sometimes about the synchronicity of the Universe as a friend posted this on FB. "I sat with my anger long enough, until she told me her real name is grief.'--The Minds Journal. This is totally relatable as the anger physically hurt my chest this week. I am not quite back to my Phoenix form but I am doing my best to get there. At least I continually learn from the process.
This week! Finishing, crochet, writing, an unexpected band concert to prepare for competition and lots of other things I'm sure. With this much going on it is no surprise that my best day this past week was a 17-hour day. Breathe, let go, heal, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;) 

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