Good Morning and Happy Sunday! June weather has been an odd one so far with lots of rain. I even made soup for dinner yesterday because of the cooler temperatures. Personally, I love it and know we could use the moisture. Unlike the massive thunderstorm I slept through last month these storms have been the gentle kind of showers that I love.
Summer may not be in full swing with the weather, but it is with the girls' schedules. Sleeping late, gaming and the occasional jaunt around town with each other or friends is keeping them occupied. Truly I don't mind it at all. Life and our list of summer tasks that needs to be done will kick back up in a couple of weeks so they might as well enjoy some down time.
We made it to a deadline on an upcoming issue for work. This week will be one more round of checks and odds and ends before it goes off to the printer. Once the files are prepared there, I'll have one last review to confirm the pages before printing begins. This week will be product hunting for another of the publications, getting ahead on web posts and a photo shoot. There has also been talk of creating goals, something I have never done before. The big easy one is to be with the company for the next thirty or so years!
Crafts, as usual, were all over the place. Cross-stitch, knitting, tatting, and spinning. The current cross-stitch is a floral piece I started several years ago that is about half finished now. Knitting is the Starflower blanket that I have mentioned. Started a motif on Saturday and it put me to sleep! Maybe I need to starting knitting before bed. I can always tell when it is time to put down the tatting for a bit. Made two similar mistakes in a row so it's in a fix it spot now. Spinning saw the finish of a spindle!
Three ounces done, seven to go! This is the Merino from Rani Smith Designs and prepared with my danger combs. I love how it is going. As for the book, I'm revisiting a world for a new title coming in August!
Don't quite know what to say about this past week as it has been an odd one. Not hard or difficult, maybe just long considering last Sunday feels ages ago. Time is interesting that way. You can't remember what you had for breakfast last week yet events and happenings from twenty or thirty years ago are vivid in your mind. I am also finding a particular symmetry in my timeline when I view it as a whole, another reassurance that I'm on the right path. It is interesting to look and see that all of it, everything is made of the choices made along the way. For some people in my life, choices they made in their own lives are coming back to them in ways I don't think they ever considered. 
This week! More hockey as the Finals started last night. Two days at a photo shoot for me, and I think the girls have an Old Town excursion planned. Breathe, dream, hope, be, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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