Circling back

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is bright and shiny outside my window so far today but the cars are frosted up so I'm not going out to check the temperature. Forecast is calling for a bit of snow later in the week which would be a welcome change. We need the moisture as always and I wouldn't mind the cozy feeling that it creates.
There's so much to say about this past week that I almost made notes last night! Serra had a big week with turning 15 and getting her braces off. Sushi dinner to celebrate was much easier to eat without having to pick rice and we've learned that about 2 1/2 rolls each is just enough for the two of us.
 RPI will officially lift quarantine tomorrow morning! Amanda and other students will be able to leave their rooms and buildings to move safely about campus. It's a good thing she likes snow as the area has had a storm just about every other day and there's no end to it in sight. 
As for crafts this past week, yes I am still working on the sample project that I can't share. Really wish it was finished but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on it. There's one more knitting project to finish by the end of February and then I think my needles will rest for a bit.
Did a lot of thinking this past week about this endeavor. You know how when the Universe or the gamemaster wants you to learn a lesson or find something how they continue to spiral back to the same topic or corpse until you finally get it? Well I think I've circled back again. A couple of years ago when I thought I saw an opportunity my friend and finance guy gently persuaded me not to take it. His words were "Why invest in someone else? Why not invest in you?" That thought took hold again as I looked at this past month and realized that I haven't been. I've been giving others my time and effort and while yes I will get paid for it, how has it helped me along my path? If I can give so much to others why can't I give that same effort to myself and what I want? So that is the plan now. Intent has also been a big theme that was discussed a couple of years ago and has come back again. When I put intent and purpose behind my projects they turn out better and get completed. When I don't or try to set things up production style they sit and go nowhere. It will take a bit more forethought but will result in better pieces and ideas moving forward.
As for me this week it had both highs and lows. Celebrating Serra and her growth and being brought back to the moment was wonderful but I've also been hard on myself with thinking about needing to be better and more. So now it's time to do that but be gentle in how I go about it; to see the progress every day even if it's small. Breathe, enjoy the big game tonight, TJ got robbed on DPOY, and take care of you. Find the spaces to meditate in and I'll be back next week :)

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