Consistency and colors

Happy Sunday Internetland! I went to bed last night thinking "What am I going to talk about tomorrow morning?" and woke with a head full of possibilities. Wonderous what a good night's sleep can do.
This last week's moods and accomplishments were much like the weather we had in the Fort, unpredictable. Some days bright and sunny, full of hope and potential and others back into hibernation and a bit of doubt with the mini blizzard we had. My moods don't always follow the weather but last week was certainly a reflection of them. I did finish the Monet inspired piece that Flynn was working on, got started on a purple piece with Rapunzel, delivered some finished samples to My Sister Knits and Amanda succeeded in passing her driving test.  
I said last week that I would talk about self-care and what I do since April is self care month. My big practice is going to the gym. It's something that I've done for myself for the last six and half years and I don't see stopping anytime soon. Lately it has been frustrating because I'm not seeing the progress that I want in my strength or my weight. Well as I keep getting reminded change takes time so I have to be patient and keep working at it. Consistency is everything. I learned years ago from a yoga instructor friend that 20 minutes every day is better than one hour every week. Also I know that I can do better with my eating and hydration to help take care of myself and reach my goals. If you are looking for some way to take care of yourself, start small. It can be as simple as 20 minutes of quiet at some point in your day and you'll start to feel a difference. One of the biggest things that I have learned over the years about self care is that it is not selfish. Taking care of myself allows me to give more to those I love and my goals.
Things to share today. I finally have another pattern available for you: Hearts and Flowers Shawl! It uses one skein of Promise and if you are local there is one hanging up at Your Daily Fiber that you can visit.
I've chosen the next photo for my quarterly yarn offerings:
Two of my favorite things: Lilacs and Rain.
I will also be dyeing some colors for Your Daily Fiber that Serra has been helping with the inspiration on. If you don't have a 13 year old it's highly possible that you have not heard of Steven Universe. Why am I talking about a cartoon? It's wild to look at the world and see how much has changed on a social level since I was a kid. I grew up on Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner and KNEW the things they did were not for me to attempt myself. Bugs dressing up in women's clothing to trick Elmer Fudd was funny and not a big deal. I wasn't bombarded with "finding myself" at as young of an age as my girls are now. Who am I fooling? I'm still looking for me and hope to find Her someday. Back to the cartoon...on the outside it looks fluffy and cute but if you really pay attention to the things the characters work through you will be impressed. Being yourself and being accepted for that is at the heart of the series. So Serra and I will be creating Gem colors over the next few weeks. 
Lots of randomness this week with administrative type things but hopefully there will be room for creativity as well :)

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