Constant practice

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It is bright and sunny outside my window today. At the moment, I am trying to take advantage of the cooler temperature as I know the day is going to heat up. The weather is more like the usual July as it was dry and hot all week. 

What did we do this week? In between her rounds of creating in Minecraft Serra has been a social butterfly. Wednesday and Thursday were spent out on the town with friends. They have also planned a sleepover this evening that is going to take the majority of tomorrow as well. She is doing a good job of balancing, giving herself time to rest as well. A milestone was hit on Friday as she passed her driving test! I do not like that the DMV has outsourced the testing at all especially since no guidelines are given on how to teach someone.

Amanda has had a full week of math and eighteen-year-olds. It has been a bit bumpy with one student being removed from the program and others still being accustomed to Mommy taking care of them. If you have an allergy, you should know how to take care of your reaction right? Today is a bit of rest day that everyone is taking advantage of. Hopefully this next week will be smooth sailing. 


A full two-day photo shoot and knitting lesson mostly kept me out of trouble this week. My young student can cast on and knit. She has decided that she does not like to purl and wants to start a sweater. While I appreciate her enthusiasm, practice will stand her in good stead.


Crafts this week were random as usual. I need to hunt down a quick crochet pattern, finished the ply on my breakfast spin and have jumped into another design.

What you can't see is that I snapped the end of my spindle off during plying! Thankfully it did not fly far, and I was able to glue it back together. Need to be a little gentler with this one from now on.

Three mini skeins! 

One thing they don't tell you about knit design is the time put in on sampling. Write a chart, knit it, does it look the way you want it to? Yes and no. There are parts of this that will stay and parts that will go. I also need to decide about the yarn for the final project. While the yarn is still available the colorway I previously purchased is not. So, do I purchase a different yarn or go with what I have? 

As for me, it was a long week. Time is interesting as it feels like Monday was ages ago. I know it was only the standard seven days. I'm in one of those cycles where I think I should be farther along the path than I am. It has not been a week of letting go and moving with the flow. I did read something that helped a bit the other day. "'Letting it go' isn't a decision--it's a SKILL. And it's a skill we usually have to exercise multiple times before we really 'let something go'." So, instead of being able to remove all of the items from the dead guy's pockets at once, the Universe is only allowing one item to be removed at a time before circling back around again. And just like my student that already wants to knit a sweater, it looks like I need more practice. It's really what life is you know, constant practice.

This week! More calculus for Amanda, Minecraft and a long sleepover for Serra. Another two-day photo shoot, writing, webbing and crafting for me. Breathe, be, trust in the Universe that everything will be alright, rest, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :) 

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